Cooked Food Thermoforming MAP Packaging Machine
It's an automatic packing machine. It can finish the whole process from tray forming, food filling, sealing to the last die cutting.

Advantages - High efficiency. It can finish at least 10000 packages per day. - Labor saving. It can finish the whole packing process from film forming to ready package. - Easy operation. It's easy to control the whole machine with PLC touch screen. - Customized. It's customzed to do the size ,material and shape of the package. - Durable. Even a tiny part is of high top brand, such Busch pump, Schneider components. - Easy to maintain. 304 stainless steel,as the major material of the machie, is high corrosion resistance.- After-sale service. Our engineers are able to service overseas.
Cooked Food MAP Packaging MAP(Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Packaging is retaining the shelf life by replacing the air inside the package with a special compound of gas. It can provide physical protection to the product as well as suppress the presence of any microoganism.
Working Schematic
Thermoforming Technology Advanced thermoforming technology can increase packaging production speed and package quality. It use compressed air and vacuum to help heated film form into different shapes. The bottom mold is totally customizable.
Automatic Thermoforming Machine Utien thermoforming machine have full stainless steel frame and covers. Easy to operate and maintain. It combines package forming, loading, sealing and cutting.SEE MORE DETAIL PHOTOS
Hygiene The machine is made of 304 stainless steel without recesses for quick clean.Electric control box with electric,pneumatic control and other key components is sealed and waterproof for convenient clean.
Safety To ensure the security of people and property we make several design on the machine such as stainless steel cover for different section to keep the hand out of moving parts.
Third Party Equipments Utien pack is capable of applying other third party equipments to our packing machine to make a better auto packing line. Such as Conveyor,Inline labeller,etc.
Convenience 1.Mold fast changing All three mold section can be changed in half hour. Make it easier to change product line. 2.Film fast changing The new film rolling system with auto-lock can be of a great assistance for production. It make the stop time much less than before. 3.Easy to maintain It is signed for every oil filling point and spare parts are easily changed.

Technical Data

Machine Parameter
Outer Dimension 6000mm*1300mm*1870mm
Weight 2000kg
Work Platform Height 1000mm
Operation Panel Height 1600mm
Loading Area Length 1500mm
Working Parameter
Bottom Film Width ≤520mm
Advance Length ≤500mm
Forming Depth ≤150mm
Top Film
Material Sealable plastic extruded film such as PET\PP\PE\PA
Print Able to print picture and text on the film
Roll Diameter Max.250mm
Thickness Less than 200um
Bottom Film
Material Sealable plastic extruded film such as PET\PP\PE\PA
Print Not able to print
Roll Diameter 500mm
Thickness More than 300um
Vacuum Pump BUSCH(German)
Electrical Components Schneider(French)
Pneumatic Parts SMC(Japan)
PLC, Touch screen and servo motor DELTA(Taiwan)
Zhejiang ICP prepared No.12029062
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