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When we get inquiry, we’ll reply it by email, phone or video timely. After full understanding of customers’ need, we’ll offer professional solution accordingly.

Customizing solution

According to customers’ request and situation, our professional engineers are capable to offer individual packaging solution which is of high production and low cost.

In sale

We’ll keep the customers informed of the latest updates of the production.

Video of quality examination and testing will be sent to customer before machine shipment

Customers are welcome to test the machine when it’s ready. Also it’s free to offer operation training at our factory.

Customer orders
Order review
Purchase order
Order production
Report debugging
Installation and commissioning
Quality inspection
Equipment packaging
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Installation: To ensure the stable operation of the machine, our experienced engineers are able to do machine installation, commissioning and technology support abroad.

Train service: Our veteran engineers will train operators to promote their operation ability

Spare parts: Original spare parts are available at our factory for any replacement.

Warranty: We offer 12 month guarantee. And we also offer individual maintenance plan according to machine service condition, which is beneficial to prolong its shelf life, increase its safety and reduce its maintenance cost.

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