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Utien specializes in advanced tray sealing machines specifically designed for the food industry. These machines are capable of handling various packaging methods, including sealing with options for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin packaging (VSP). This capbility allows them to efficiently seal food products in pre-formed trays, which helps to extend shelf life and maintain product freshness. Our product line includes both semi-automatic and fully automatic food tray sealers tailored to fit specific production requirements and integrate seamlessly into existing setups.

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Tray Sealing Machines for Sale

  • Our continuous automatic tray sealer is suitable for almost all types of trays and materials. Different printing materials are available for the cover film, which are used for MAP packs and VSP packs, depending on the packaged product and needs. This tray sealer is constructed of Sani-safe stainless steel and is easy to load and operate or integrate into your processing line with its conveyor system to deliver superior yield and lower production costs.

    1. 6-8 times/min sealing speed
    2. All features controlled by servomotor with high speed and precision
    3. Attractive package with top VSP(UniFresh ®) technology
    4. With top Busch vacuum, we can make residual oxygen lower than 1%
    5. Remarkable film wastage saving
    6. Applied to trays of various shapes and sizes

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  • Our semi automatic tray sealers are designed to pack and seal prefabricated trays and are the perfect solution for small and medium-sized, batch, efficient and economical packaging. Also it’s an ideal entry-level devices for tray packaging. With MAP and VSP packaging option, this equipment is able to cover various top films onto trays of different materials.

    1. 2-3 times/min sealing speed.
    2. Attractive package with top VSP(UniFresh ®) technology.
    3. With top Busch vacuum, we can make residual oxygen lower than 1%.
    4. Applied to trays of various shapes and sizes.
    5. Anodized aluminum mold with drawer-type design.
    6. Small size and low power consumption.

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Best Automatic Food Tray Sealing Machine

Trays for food packagingTrays for meat packaging

As a leading tray sealing machine manufacturer, Utien ensures our machines are adept at handling a diverse array of food types with ease. Our seal packaging machines are crafted for simplicity of use, empowering businesses to boost their production efficiency.

Utien's advanced tray sealers are not only designed for long-term durability but also feature the ability to provide high-quality and flexible sealing solutions. All these functions ensure that food production is always fast, precise, and safe.

• Variety of tray sealer sizes depending on production needs
• 30 Years of experience in packaging & production
• All products are manufactured with ISO9001:2008 standards

Explore Utien Tray Sealers for Your Food Business

Whether you are a food store, a food-producing manufacturer, a personal chef, or a restaurant with a takeaway menu, you'll find the right tray sealer at Utien. Using these meal packaging machines for sealing different materials such as PE, PS, C-PET, A-PET, EPP, EPET, or PP food trays will make your work much more convenient and assure your customers that you are a viable solution to their quest for a healthy meal choice. These tray sealer machines are complete and ready to seal your selected food packaging containers, all while giving you the professional look that you've always wanted.To learn more about tray sealing equipment, contact us via email, we'll reply you and give you a quote as soon as possible.


Q: What Are Tray Sealers?
A: Tray sealers, also known as tray lidding machines, heat sealers, or top sealers, are incredibly versatile packaging equipments. They are adept at affixing plastic film lids to trays made from different materials, accommodating a range of sizes and depths. This flexibility makes them an ideal packaging solution for a multitude of applications.

Q: How Do Tray Sealers Work?
A: Tray sealers automate the packaging process by precisely placing product-filled trays into position, where they are then sealed with a top film through a heat sealing method. The machine applies heat and pressure to bond the film to the tray, creating an airtight seal that preserves the contents. After sealing, the excess film is trimmed, and the sealed trays are ejected for further processing.

Q: What Are The Components Of A Tray Sealer Machine?
A: A tray sealer machine comprises an in-feed conveyor for tray alignment, a sealing film dispenser, a heated sealing plate for bonding the film to the tray, a cutting device for trimming excess film, and an out-feed system to dispatch the sealed packages, all managed by a central control panel and often supplemented with vacuum and gas flush systems for modified atmosphere packaging.

Components Of Tray Sealer Machine

Q: How to choose the right tray sealer machine for your business?
A: Choosing the right tray sealer machine for your business depends on your production needs. For high-speed, high-volume production environments, our FSC 400/600 model, an automatic tray sealer, is ideal as it offers efficient, continuous operation. If your needs are more modest or your volume is lower, our FG 020/040 model, a semi-automatic tray sealer, provides a more suitable, cost-effective solution. Each option ensures reliability and quality sealing for a range of tray packaging requirements.

Q: How Our Tray Sealing Machines Extend the Shelf Life of Food Products?
A: Our food sealing machines, featuring Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technologies, significantly extend the shelf life of food products. Equipped with MAP, our meal tray sealers are particularly valuable for businesses looking to reduce spoilage costs, enhance food safety, and distribute their products over longer distances, ensuring fresher, safer food reaches consumers.


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