FSC Series Continuous Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

Continuous Automatic Tray Sealer


FSC 400/600

Continuous automatic tray sealers are suitable for almost all types of trays and materials. Different printing materials are available for the cover film, which are used for MAP packs and VSP packs, depending on the packaged product and needs. The packaging machine can usually pack 3-6 boxes at a time to meet the growing demand for packaging. They are widely applicable for fresh and frozen food products, such as: frozen meat, beef and mutton, seafood (all kinds of fish, shrimp, oysters) or cooked food, ready-to-eat fast food and other food packaging.

It has a patented transfer mode frame design, which can work alternately and greatly improve the packaging efficiency. Flexible and efficient, each of our equipment is individually designed according to customer's products and requirements.In addition, it can be integrated with other supporting systems to form production lines

Continuous tray sealer is featured with two different types of packages: MAP and vacuum skin pack.It's perfect for the packaging fresh, refrigerated and frozen food, including meat, poultry,seafood,sausages,bacons and prepared fast food.


1. Packing speed: 6-8 cycles/min

2. Packaging option: MAP, VSP and Simply Sealing

3. High speed, high precision and accurate control with servo motor

4. Mold design: containing 1~4 trays/set

5. Multiple sets of molds can be customized

6. Workable with various top roll films

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Working Parameters
Package TypeSealing/MAP/VSP
Tray Quantity/mold3/4/6
Tray ShapeCircular or Rectangle
Top Film
MaterialSealable PE\PA Multi-layer Co-extruded Plastic Film
PrintPre-printed Top Film or Transparent Top Film
Roll Diameter250mm at most
Vacuum PumpBUSCH
Electrical ComponentsScheneider
Pneumatic ComponentsSMC
PLC Touch Screen & Servo MotorDELTA
Machine Parameters

Core Technology

Usually, the capacity is usually 6-8 circles/min.All features controlled by servomotor with high speed and precision.

Packaging speed
Continuous Automatic Tray Sealer

Attractive package with top VSP(UniFresh ®) technology. With top Busch vacuum, we can make residual oxygen lower than 1%.

Continuous Automatic Tray Sealer

Applied to trays of various shapes and sizes

Highly customizable
Continuous Automatic Tray Sealer

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