Vacuum Machines

A vacuum packaging machine is a device that removes the air from a package or container and seals it, creating a vacuum. This process helps to preserve the freshness and extend the shelf life of food, as well as protect it from contamination, moisture, and freezer burn.

Industrial Vacuum Packaging Machines

As an industry leader, Utien offers different models of industrial vacuum packaging machines from small tabletop models for home use to large industrial models for commercial and manufacturing applications. They can be used with a variety of packaging materials, including plastic bags, pouches, and containers.

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Utien's reliable industrial vacuum sealer is not only used for food industry but also widely used in medical devices, aviation components, and automobile parts. For exsample, it can enable quick yet efficient vacuum packaging of medical products, such as disposable equipment, safely within a clean room environment for sanitary and bacteria-free delivery to hospitals and doctors alike. With our programmable control panel, you can save your product parameters for consistent packing and sealing quality.

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Features of vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging needs to complete two actions, air extraction and sealing, which is mainly used in some snack foods. The specific features are as follows.

  • Isolate oxygen to avoid the reproduction and growth of aerobic bacteria.

  • When the food is continuously squeezed by atmospheric pressure, it is easy to deform and lose its original appearance, and the texture will become hard and lose its original natural crispness.

  • Vacuum packaging must be assisted by high-temperature sterilization to achieve the ideal shelf life. The secondary sterilization process often has a great impact on the quality of the food and the food loses the original taste.

  • The preservation period of vacuum packaging is longer than that of modified atmosphere. Generally, vacuum packaging is more than 1 month.

If you’re wondering where to buy vacuum packaging machines, Utien has a large selection available at the reasonable prices. See Why Vacuum Packaging Machines Vary In Prices?

Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machines for Sale

Double chamber vacuum sealer DZ-500/2S is an ideal solution for companies who want to boost their packaging operations without sacrificing floor space. With four sealing bars and two sealing chambers, this product will quickly package small, medium and large size products and immensely increase shipping efficiency in shorter time. Designed for durability and long-term high output, our double chamber industrial packaging machines are simple to service, clean and operate.

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DZ(Q)-600LG Cabinet Vacuum Packaging Machine is specially designed for vacuum containers with big wrapping bags (powder including liquid)of upright seal and the design is updated and practical. This machine is designed to be specially used for vacuum packaging of powder products and 3D packages.

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DZ-900 Larger Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine is suitable to pack products of heavy and big packages with ample vacuum chambers. The machine adopts a stainless steel vacuum chamber and a transparent high-strength plexiglass cover. The whole machine is beautiful and practical, and easy to operate. It is suitable for vacuum packaging of oversized and overlong items in the electronics, chemical, food, marine fishery and other industries. (Special specifications can be customized)

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DZ(Q)-600L is a vertical external vacuum packing machine, adopting a unique product structure design and can be directly matched with user-provided production line. The working head can be adjusted freely according to the size of the package. It is controlled by a PLC system, with a many parameters for preciously controlled. It is easy to operate, and is an ideal equipment for vacuum packaging of large and heavy products in the food, medicinal, chemical, and rare metal industries.

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Utien’s tabletop vacuum chambered machines are perfect for your smaller items. The compactness of our high output table top machines to fit existing table or space within your facility optimizes flexibility without sacrificing packaging quality. It’s widely applied to pack food, medicine, tea leaves, chemical, electronic parts in plastic and aluminum bags.

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DZ(Q)-600T is an external-type horizontal vacuum packaging machine, and is not limited by the size of the vacuum chamber. It can directly vacuum (inflate) the product to keep the product fresh and original, preventing, so as to extend the storage or preservation of the product the term.

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