Roll Stock Thermoform Packaging Machines

Roll Stock Thermoform Packaging Machine

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DZL Series

Roll Stock Thermoform Packaging Machines completes product packaging with two roll film materials of top film and bottom film passing through the equipment. Depending on the material used, packages can be flexible or rigid. Our thermoformers are suitable for vacuum pack, skin pack, and MAP technology, and the ideal solution for both food and non-food products.

MAP Pack

Mostly used in rigid film packaging, which is more protective than a vacuum pack. The product shape will not change due to the modified atmosphere.

Skin Pack

Unifresh Vacuum Skin Packaging, special body film like the second layer of skin close to the surface of the product, it is fixed on the hard tray. The film has strong tensile properties by heating.

Vacuum Pack

After vacuum, the package is tightly attached with the food surface. High vacuum package separates  the food from outside environment, thus it prolongs shelf  life of food.

1. High production output and pack quality

2. Process reliability

3. Personalized packaging solution

4. Fancy new apppearance

5. Easy maintenance with 304 SUS body

6. Applicable with packaging line

7. Wide application

9. Optional third party equipment

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DZL-R series

DZL-Y series

DZL-VSP series

Speed7~9 cycles/min6~8 cycles/min6~8 cycles/min
Packing optionFlexible film,vacuum&gas flushrigid or semi-rigid film,MAPrigid film,skin pack
Pack typesRectangular

Rectangular and round,

Basic formats and

freely definable formats

Rectangular and round,

Basic formats and

freely definable formats

Film widths320,420,520mm320,420,520mm320,420,520mm
Special widths380,440,460,560mm380,440,460,560mm280 – 640mm
Maximum forming depth160mm150mm50mm
Advance length<600mm<500mm<500mm
Die changing systemDrawer system, manualDrawer system, manualDrawer system, manual
Power consumption12kW18kW18kW
Machine dimensions5500×1100×1900mm,Customizable6000×1100×1900mm,Customizable6000×1100×1900mm,Customizable



Safety is our top concern in machine design. To ensure max safety for the operators, we have installed multiply sensors in many parts of the machine, including protective covers. If the operator opens the protective covers, the machine will be sensed to stop running immediately.

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High efficiency enables us to make full use of the packaging material and reduce cost & waste. With high stability and reliability, our equipment can reduce downtime, thus the high production capacity and uniform packaging result can be ensured.

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Simple operation

Simple operation is our key feature as a highly automated packaging equipping. In terms of operation, we adopt PLC modular system control, which can be acquired through short-time learning. Besides machine control, mold replacement and daily maintenance can also be mastered easily. We’re keeping on technology innovation to make machine operation and maintenance as easy as possible.

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Flexible use

To fit into various products, our excellent packaging design can custom the package in shape and volume. It grants customers better flexibility and higher utilization in the application. The packaging shape can be customized, such as round, rectangular and other shapes.

Vacuum Pack


One or more of the following third-party accessories can be combined into our packaging machine to create a more complete automated packaging production line.

Multi-head weighing system

Ultraviolet sterilization system

Metal Detector

Online automatic labeling

Gas Mixer

Conveyor system

Inkjet printing or thermal transfer system

Automatic screening system

Multihead Weigher

Multihead weigher

Online Labeller

Online labeller

Injet Printer Or Thermo Transfer Printer

Injet printer or thermo transfer printer

Auto Filling Syste

Auto filling syste

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