DGF-25C Ultrasonic Tube Sealers

Ultrasonic Tube Sealers

Ultrasonic Tube Sealers


Ultrasonic tube sealer is integrated with auto tube loading position turning filling ultrasonic sealing edge cutting and output. It makes fast and less space occupied.

It is the perfect choice for cosmetic cream or other cream product tube filling and sealing.It's technology is a perfect solution for cosmetic or other liquid/semi-liquid product tube sealing.

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Core Technology

Top tube welding technology

Plastic moculars are strongly jointed together with ultrasonic power. Firm and nice welding regardless of cream remaining on tubes.

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Rotary working process

To ensure working efficiency, we apply high quality aluminum alloy to make the rotary table and tube base. Such design is durable and decent and easy to maintain.

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PLC control system

User-friendly operating screen, easy control with finger touch.

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Auto tracking system

With ability to track and adjust the frequency of ultrasonic wave, we ensure every stable sealing result.

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Machine Parameters

  • Dimensions:900mm*800mm*1650mm

  • Weight:400-500kg

  • Frame material:304 SUS

  • Mold material : 6016 Aluminium

  • Capacity:0-25PCS/min

  • Control : PLC control


  • Sealing Widths:3-8mm(Customizable)

  • Sealing Length:<85mm (Diameter<50mm)

  • Tube length:<200mm

  • Filling volume:<200lm

  • Material:PP 

  • Filling product : liquid or half liquid


  • Japan SMC pneumatic parts

  • French Schneider electrical parts

  • Auto frequency tracker

  • Taiwan DELTA servo motor and PLC control units


  • Electric : 220V/50Hz

  • Pneumatic : 0.4-0.8 MPa

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