2023 Fresh Agricultural Products and Prepared food Packaging Forum Successfully Concluded at Utien Pack

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Forum theme: Development with collaboration & innovation, Improvement of quality and efficiency, Enhancement of health and consumption

Shaoxing, known as "the land of cultural relics and the land of fish and rice", is rich in traditional culture and natural resource. It’s an important economic center in Zhejiang Province, as well as an influential city in the Yangtze River Delta region.Shaoxing, famous for its textile industry, also has extensive business activities in other fields, such as food processing and packaging industry. Here in Shaoxing, we just experienced a successful forum: 2023 Fresh Agricultural Products and Prepared food Packaging Forum Successfully Concluded at Utien Pack, which was jointly sponsored by the China Meat Association and the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, from June 8 to June 10, 2023.


The Fresh Produce and Prepared Food Packaging Forum is divided into three parts: keynote speech, theme speech and guest roundtable discussion on "Development with collaboration & innovation,Enhancement of health and consumption - Prepared Food Packaging Solutions Seminar". At this conference, Yi Liangyan, sales director of Utien Pack Co., LTD., also shared a speech on the theme of the forum, "Green innovative packaging for the production of agricultural products in a low-carbon environment". She introduced how to use advanced packaging technology to improve the shelf life and quality of agricultural products, which is of great significance to improve the efficiency and quality of the agriculture and food industry.


The forum also witnessed the release ceremony of group standard "General Rules for Prepared Food Packaging" by the China Meat Association group, and the launching ceremony of the first China Meat Food Packaging Competition.



At the forum scene, there was a grand presentation of high-quality agricultural and sideline foods and packaging technologies, equipment, and new materials.


In the morning of June 10th, some representatives visited the production workshop of Utien Pack Co., LTD., and discussed and communicated with the company's technical and sales personnel on how to choose packaging machine and the application of materials.


This conference was a complete success and attracted numerous participants, including meat industry leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, and scholars. Utien Pack as the co-organizer of this conference, also demonstrated its professional technology and products in the field of agricultural and sideline products and prepared food packaging.


In the future, Utien Pack will continue to strive to promote the innovation and development of agricultural product packaging technology, and provide better solutions for the high quality and efficiency of the industry.


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