Effects of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables

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On the shelves of supermarkets, we can find many products using modified atmosphere packaging. Even billions of packs of refrigerated, frozen, and shelf-stable foods that are sold globally every year are using this mature technology. These foods include potato chips, ready-to-eat fresh meat, fresh products, baked products and other processed meat products. As a fresh-keeping technology that can extend the shelf life of products, modified atmosphere packaging directly and positively affects the food industry.



Although modified atmosphere packaging is already mature in certain categories of applications, such as processed meat and cooked food, it is increasingly used in refrigeration and instant food to meet consumers' various needs. This situation is particularly evident in several categories, such as fresh-cut vegetables.  


Fresh vegetables (fresh-cut vegetables) can be divided into two kinds of ready-to-eat fresh cut and ready-to-use fresh cut. Ready-to-eat fresh cuts usually refer to fresh fruits and vegetables that can be eaten directly, such as apples, bananas, pears, tomatoes, and cucumbers. It can also process edible salad, finished dishes, etc. Ready-to-use fresh-cut refers to some pre-processed semi-finished dishes or raw vegetables, such as spinach, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc.


 Modified atmosphere packaging

But why are fresh-cut vegetables increasingly popular?


For consumers, fresh-cut vegetables not only maintain their original fresh state, but also are processed to make the product clean and hygienic, to achieve the purpose of instant or immediate use. The convenient and quick natural properties are in line with modern people's consumption concept.


The popularization of fresh-cut vegetables greatly promotes the industry of modified atmosphere packaging. Known as Utien Pack, Utien Pack Co,. Ltd. is a technical enterprise aiming at developing highly automated packaging line. Taking fresh-cut vegetables as example, three machines manufactured by our company are involved. They are thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine,continuous automatic tray sealer and semi automatic tray sealer.


Modified atmosphere packaging is the main packaging technology for fresh-cut vegetables. It is in a low-oxygen and high-carbon dioxide atmosphere, which can reduce its breathing strength, inhibit ethylene production, delay the aging of fresh-cut vegetables, extend shelf life, and also suppress aerobicity. Microorganisms grow to prevent spoilage of freshly cut vegetables.


As to our continuous automatic tray sealer , almost all the machines are made of stainless steel and aluminum so that they are not corroded. and it uses servo driven system,The capacity is usually 6-8 circles/min.All features controlled by servomotor with high speed and precision.And it can be applied to trays of various shapes and sizes.


The semi-automatic tray sealing machine is used to vacuum seal the tray in an inert gas atmosphere. Whether it is meat, fish, appetizers, vegetables or pasta, we can provide you with the ideal packaging solution and extend its shelf life to provide you with the ideal solution.


Our machines bring great convenience to the popularization of the fresh-cut vegetables. If you encounter any problems about anything, please feel free to send us inquiry and we will do our best to assist you to solve the issue.



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