Escort for Food Preservation in the Meat Industry Chain

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Utien Pack Co,. Ltd. is committed to providing professional fresh package solutions, including workshop layout, package design, equipment selection, and assisting customers with proper planning and selection of suitable packaging equipment for many cold meat, frozen meat and deep processed meat products enterprises at home and abroad,so as to provide consumers with safer, more original flavor, more fresh meat products.

And as the packaging technology is becoming more and more perfect at present,  vacuum pack and MAP pack are still the highlight among them.  As to vacuum pack , the air in the package container is all drawn out and sealed to maintain a high degree of decompression in the bag. The lack of air leads to the effect of low oxygen, so that the microorganisms have no living conditions.


Vacuum pack, by pumping out the air inside the package, reaches a state  close to vacuum, thus reduce the contact between food and air, food and bacteria and pollutants and prolong its preservation time. However, since the vacuum pack completely cuts off the contact between meat products and the outside world and leaves them in an oxygen-free environment, the environment formed by high vacuum degree greatly decreases the cellular respiration, which affects the metabolism and activity of fresh meat cells. Therefore, vacuum pack is commonly used in the package of cured meats such as salami, cured meat, ham, frozen meat products and so on.


vacuum pack and MAP pack

To solve the problem of meat quality, another new way of package was created. By adjusting the gas composition in the package, the package can meet the specific needs of extending the shelf life, and the meat quality does not change significantly. It is a  advanced technology and has high requirements on the gas isolation of the packaging. Generally, rigid package trays are often used for packaging. But at present, the most common package method is the MAP pack type, which achieves the packaging effect by atmosphere modification and trays sealing.


The other is MAP pack ,it uses online automatic thermoforming to produce package, eliminating the needs of purchasing package trays in advance, further reducing the possibility of package pollution.


The core technology of MAP pack is gas displacement and the composition and proportion of the displaced gas. The air adjustment can be completed by vacuuming first and then filling into the gas, and the composition and proportion of the gas can be precisely controlled, as long as the proportion of filling into the gas is controlled.


As to vacuum pack,  its  method is simple and easy to achieve.  it is small sized, easy carried and independent packaged. And for MAP pack ,by adjusting the gas composition and proportion, it greatly extends the shelf life effect. The preservation effect is obvious and can do a variety of appearance customization, convenient brand image publicity and set up.


With the advantages of vacuum pack and MAP pack, customer experience will be  better and fresh, the shelf life of meat will be  extended , which is the trend of high quality life and brand new way of food and shopping in the future. Therefore, as a current international cutting-edge package technology, this is exactly the package technology China needs , and also the direction of our progress.




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