Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

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Market environment

Vacuum skin packaging has been a hot packaging form in the past two years. Due to the ideal shelf life, and appearance effect, it has been widely used in fresh meat, seafood, fish and other foods. In line with this development trend, an upgraded version of the vacuum skin pack began to appear.

With the upgraded version of this thermoformed vacuum skin packaging machine, you can produce a series of base sheets and films that can be used to produce vacuum skin packaging. In this way, it is easier to produce high-quality packaging for various products and requirements.

Let’s look at the features of the Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging machine 


  1. The highly transparent main skin film fixes the product on a flat cardboard, so that the product has a better appearance effect.

  2. When you take out the product, you can easily remove the transparent film from the cardboard for recycling.

  3. Compared with the traditional plastic tray vacuum skin packaging, this flat skin packaging can greatly reduce the use of plastic, reduce costs, and is beneficial to environmental protection.

  4. 80% less plastic content, easy to separate, and oxygen-proof.


The bottom plate is a paper -base plastic board, the surface is covered with a transparent film, which provides stability to the cardboard and can serve as a barrier against grease, moisture, and oxygen.

Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine 


Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine has infinite advantages. Here, we will look at two of the basic principles of vacuum packaging: hygiene and quality.

Meats and fish maintain their texture and integrity.

The ice burn does not appear, since there is no direct contact of the cold with the food.

The flavor and freshness of the food is more stable, since there are no losses.

Oxidation caused by oxygen does not exist and food will not rot.

Food is preserved for a much longer period.

The microorganisms do not develop in the absence of oxygen.

You can save time by overcooking and can keep it in perfect condition for later use.

You can make large purchases for later use, and also save a lot of time when buying each month.


Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Fat oxidation in meats


This problem is persistent in the traditional preservation techniques. However, such issue is eliminated when fatty foods are preserved using the vacuum pack.


Product weight loss

When freezing, there is a weight loss of 2 to 3%, however, in vacuum packaging, since there is no dehydration, there is no problem.

Adapts odors from neighboring products

Vacuum packaging isolates the product, not allowing its smell and taste to intermingle with others that are frozen around it, which happens in the conventional freezing process.


Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Loss of aroma and flavor of food

Just as there are no aromas in the container, they do not come out either, therefore the food does not lose its original aroma that we perceive when the food is fresh. As there is no oxidation or dehydration, we also perfectly preserve all the flavor of the food. This in traditional preservation does not happen, since in the freezing process, the taste and smell are lost and diffuse in other foods.


The effect of the concept of sustainable development and reduce the usage rate of plastics. Cardboard carrier can be printed on both sides, with better branding effect and better eye-catching 3D display effect.

Equipment used

Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine


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