UTIEN PACK Introduces Its New Range of MAP Packaging

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UTIEN PACK introduces its new range of MAP packaging

- Modified atmosphere packaging: extending the preservation period of products

Nowadays people have increasing need of solving the problem of food preservation and related problems. Also, there are various kinds of packages for buyers to choose on the market. There is  no doubt that we should pick suitable product.  And today,  we are going to introduce a new kind of MAP package from UTIEN, which can effectively extend the preservation period of food and show better performance compared to other competitive products. 


Different from traditional package, the MAP pack uses thermoforming packaging machine to heat and soften the plastic base film to formable state. Then use vacuum to form the base tray. After the product was filled into the base tray, a layer of lidding film was placed on top of the package. In the sealing process, the air in the base tray was exchanged with a conpound of gas which can be oxgyen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. 

The mixed gas changes the atmosphere in the package which will greatly extend the freshness and preservation period.

The advantage lie in MAP pack of UTIEN is not only good-looking appearance, but also can extend the shelf life of fresh food. Using the packaging technology, the fresh meat shelf life will be extended from 3 days to 21 days, cheese from 7 days to 180 days(data collected from the network data, which is only for reference). With the extended shelf life brought by the packaging process,   not only  can  food manufacturers  reduce preservatives, but also can let consumers enjoy healthier food. Especially for fresh meat, processed meat, fish, poultry, instant food, and so on.

Using air-conditioned packaging also brings much convenience in many aspects. First of all, this package of UTIEN can extend shelf life, which ensures the quality of products and cuts off  unnecessary expense.  

Secondly , the high barrier performance prevent water vapor and oxygen penetration  decreases products' weight due to dehydration and easier to carry for customers. 

Last but not least, according to the above advantages, using the air-conditioned packaging can effectively bring benefits to both manufacturers and customers.

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UTIEN packaging provides customized services for different types of products and designs perfect packaging solutions to adapt to each kind of packaging products. In such sense, customization and personal design are pursued by the majority of customers. If a company has related service, it is necessary to own competing edges in the market. And obviously, UTIEN does very well in this section. When you visit its official website, you would find the part of setting personal design and listing personal needs. 

To briefly conclude, if you have strong need of related products, UTIEN would be highly recommended because of its good image in the market and high-quality products. In addition, every customer can have a look at UTIEN official website, https://www.utien.com, which is useful for seeking  more comprehensive information and opinions of other customers about UTIEN and its products.


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