Another machine order brought by Covid-19

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The epidemic trend is gradually under control, and domestic rework and return to school are also being carried out in an orderly manner.Unusually,nucleic acid test reports and urban green codes have become necessary passes for people. The throat swab test is one of the test items. The test method is mainly to use a medical cotton swab to dip a small number of secretions from the human pharynx, inoculate it in a special petri dish, and then place it in a temperature-controlled device for culture process.In this way,we can know patients physical condition and infection degree in oral mucosa and pharyn. Due to the large population of our country, the demand for testing supplies,such as medical cotton swabs used in the testing process, is increasing dramatically.

throat swab test

Recently, Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co. Ltd. ordered a fully automatic thermoforming flexible film packaging machine in Utien for packaging inspection supplies.



Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co. Ltd. (BIOER) is one of the leading companies engaged in the development of life science instruments and reagents in China. The company's core business is the research and development, production and sales of biochemical instruments and supporting reagents. The products have enjoy large wide application in medical care, scientific research, universities, public security, commodity inspection, blood stations, disease control centers, etc.



The equipment model ordered by Bioer Technology is DZL-420R, which is the latest packaging equipment developed by Utien. It is a piece of highly automated packaging equipment that integrates heating plastic sheet stretch forming, sealing, slitting and output solutions. What's more worth mentioning is that it can greatly liberate manpower. And the operation is simple, safe and efficient.


DZL-420R packaging equipment features:


-Mould replacement is easier and more convenient. The lower mold frame can be replaced with a pull-out type, and the upper frame of the sealing can also be lifted and pulled out of the fuselage to replace the branding plate.

-The cover film system can stretch the cover film up to 3mm.

-Film releasing and sealing are carried out simultaneously, which makes packaging more efficient.

-New slitting knife structure, there is no protrusion on the outside of the fuselage, and the structure is cleaner.

-Easier to clean with streamlined body design

-Easier to maintain with built-in electrical box

-Better vacuum results by our patented vacuum valve



Utien has launched the DZL-420R packaging machine with outstanding quality. In the continuous development of the company, we will continue to work hard to produce innovative and better packaging machines to provide better services to our rapidly growing global customer base.


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