Fresh packaging enters the era of flexible packaging

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Nowadays, plastic packaging products are widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other fields. Among them,food packaging accounts for a particularly large proportion, such as quick-frozen food packaging, fast food packaging, etc. These products have brought great convenience to our lives.

vacuum skin packaging

It is well known that meeting the needs of consumers is the ultimate goal of any product.



According to the survey results, 70% of consumers pay special attention to fresh packaging forms such as price tags, transparent appearance, and ingredient information when purchasing goods.



At present, the flexible packaging used for fresh food on the market mainly includes: vacuum skinned, modified atmosphere packaging, stretch film vacuum, stretch film + plastic tray, etc. Among them, body-fitting and modified atmosphere have been the hottest packaging forms in the past two years.



How to choose packaging?


Faced with so many types of packaging, manufacturers need to consider the pros and cons of various packaging, and then seek the best packaging form. Below I take two popular rigid packaging: modified atmosphere and skin-fitting for example. Analysis from the perspectives of appearance, shelf life, packaging cost (equipment + packaging material), logistics cost (transportation + warehousing):


Comparison of rigid packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Skin packaging




Shelf life



Packaging cost (equipment + packaging material)



Logistics cost (transportation + storage)




The above data is for reference only


Modified Atmosphere Packaging

First of all, the packaging volume of modified atmosphere packaging is usually two to three times larger than other packaging forms, so logistics costs are relatively high. The air is replaced by a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the packaging, which can reduce the rate of food spoilage, maintain food freshness, ensure safety, and extend shelf life. Moreover, the scientific gas ratio can make the food in a state of excellent color saturation, making it more attractive.



Skin packaging

Compared with modified atmosphere packaging, the shelf life of vacuum skin packaging is longer than that of modified atmosphere packaging. At the same time, the vacuum skin packaging can be exquisite and compact, in line with the modern aesthetics, while ensuring the quality of the product. This type of packaging is usually applied to some high-quality beef, seafood, etc.



In general, no matter what kind of packaging, manufacturers need to make a reasonable positioning analysis of their brand products to meet more consumer demand and satisfaction. Therefore, choosing the right packaging is very important.



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