Utien Pack Sandwich Packaging Solution

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Sandwich is the most common snack food in everyday life. In China, some sandwiches are usually delivered to various stores for sale by the central kitchen of the food factory after the production is completed on the same day. This sales model expands the sales scope of the brand, and ensures the safety and hygiene of food.


To improve packaging efficiency and reduce cost, a listed food manufacturer chose the thermoforming stretch film packaging machines by Utien pack. It turned to be a great success.


Working principle of thermoforming stretch film packaging machine


1. Sheet forming

After being preheated at a high temperature, the plastic sheet is automatically formed into the sandwich trays bidirectional stretching.


2. Food loading

In the open filling area, put the sandwich into the tray.


3. Sealing

The trays will be vacuumed in a airtight chamber and then filled with protective gases like nitrogen which help to extend the shelf life of the sandwich. Then cover the tray with top film.


4. Output

After sealing, the package will enter the cutting station. Our patented cutting system will cut them into each individual package and then output them.


Customers can choose sheets of different composition and thickness per their individual needs. For the sandwiches which taste better after heating, PP sheet will be a primary choice. For sandwiches that often are often stored in cold fridge, PET is more favorable. PET sheets is more transparent than PP, which helps customers to check the freshness of sandwiches at first glance.

thermoforming stretch film packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging offers full-sided protection to the sandwiches. On the one hand, it prevents the outside air entering the package, on the other hand, it hinders the bacterial contained in the food from growing with little oxygen in the tray.)


For every package, we ensure strong and decent sealing result. Round, Rectangle,triangle, we’re happy to customized diverse package shapes. And customers’ logo can be posted on machine There’s other packaging options, such as Euro-hole, and easy tear opening.


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