The minimalist trend of product packaging

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We are now in a fast-paced, high-frequency life state for a long time, so we begin to yearn for a simple, brisk, and comfortable living environment to relieve mental pressure. So unconsciously, the concept of "minimalism" begins to permeate all aspects of our lives, including packaging design that is indispensable in life.



I recently saw an article about a shop in Spain. The packaging design of the meat products they sell was simple, clear, high-end and atmospheric. The overall packaging was mainly transparent, and buyers can clearly see the appearance and freshness of the meat. A white and black label was attached to the transparent film, and a simple animal picture was used to identify the type of meat in each box.

food packaging

Compared with traditional packaging with a large amount of information and patterns, minimalis package is more direct and powerful. It stands out from the packaging covered by complex elementsattracting more attention and promoting sales


Fresh food is an indispensable necessity in our lives. People in the fresh food industry say that what touches us most is "hygiene and simplicity."



The vacuum skin packaging not only meets the hygienic standards, but at the same time it is simple and elegant, and expresses the minimalism to the fullest.

food packaging

Here are superiorities of vacuum skin packaging:


-lower residual oxygen and longer shelf life

-Transparent film packaging, easy to inspect the product

-3D stereo shape, more touchable and appealing

-locking more moisture

-Special body-fitting film has high strength and can resist puncture

-Intimate protection like second skin



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