Four tips to make your food more popular

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Now we have entered a new era of consumption. The food is no longer simply to fill the stomach, but more to hope that while enjoying it, we can also obtain spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, as consumers, when it comes to food choices, those that pay attention to quality, taste and entertainment will be more easily selected among similar products. Food packaging is also affected by this trend.Various packages have being mushrooming ,both with aesthetics and practicality.How to make your food more popular, the 4 tips below might help


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Better protection

A good food packaging must not only protect the intrinsic quality of the food, but generally refer to the shelf life and freshness of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the appearance of the food from damage to ensure that the appearance of the food is kept intact during the transportation, storage, and display of the food from the manufacturer to the consumer. Modified atmosphere packaging, which fills packages with full fresh-keeping gas, is beneficial to protect the foods from the shocks and impact during transportation


More convenience

I believe everyone has had this experience. Some packages is very difficult to torn by hands, or can only be fully torn. There are also large packages of food that are not portable and edible, which will lead to the food waste .Such unpleasant experience will reduce consumer loyalty to their brand, leading to the loss of repeat customers. Therefore, a convenient and easy-to-tear mouth, excellent sealing technology, and portable small packaging design all show that you value the customer experience and the humanization of the brand.


More individuality

Only when a product has a personality can it stand out among similar products and impress consumers deeply. In terms of food packaging, the means to diversify the shape, color, pattern and design of packaging materials and select of packaging methods that highlight the characteristics of food. More individualities in food packages are helpful for you to gain an edge among the peers.)


More appeal

According to statistics, when a consumer buys goods in a supermarket, he spends only a few seconds in front of each shelf on average. To attack more attention and make your product stand out in the dazzling goods shelf, the product needs to have trendy package first of all. Take the hot-selling vacuum skin packaging as an example, it has frequently appeared in everyone's field of vision in the past two years, and has gradually been recognized by the market for production and launch. Vacuum skin packaging is often used for packaging fresh meat and seafood. This kind of packaging has a novel and eye-catching appearance, and the 3D appearance is clean and beautiful. Such vivid presentation is of more appeal to most customers.


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