Packaging equipment to ensure food safety

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With the advent of the domestic dog days, microbial reproduction speeds up under high temperature, which makes food more prone to decay and easily induce food-borne diseases. Therefore, the safe preservation of food has become an issue that manufacturers and sales business groups should pay attention to. Good food packaging is the key to preventing safety hazards.


Packaging equipment to extend the shelf life

In the food area of supermarkets, we can often see pre-packaged foods and bulk foods. For bulk foods, temperature changes are more likely to cause the microorganisms in the food to exceed the standard. Therefore, proper packaging of the food through the packaging equipment can make the food In the circulation process, it will not be polluted by the outside world, and at the same time can extend the shelf life.

Vacuum packaging is the most common form of packaging. The technology is relatively mature and the equipment types are also very rich, including desktop vacuum packaging machines, thermoformers, etc., To meet the packaging needs of different products.

Thermoforming as an automated mechanical equipment, from packaging forming, filling, sealing, slitting to completion of packaging, the whole process is simple and efficient. The key is to remove the secondary pollution that may occur in the food circulation process. 

Ensure that the trend of food safety packaging machinery automation is inevitable

If you want to ensure the safety of food packaging, you must first upgrade the process technology of food packaging machinery and equipment, upgrade the entire line of automation, try to avoid labor, and even achieve full line automation. This is the general trend and the industry is inevitable.

At present, the market trend of packaging machinery automation has emerged, but single-machine automation products can no longer meet the needs of users. Users need networking functions between multiple packaging machinery to better meet modern requirements such as connecting ERP and MES, and then achieve High output and high utilization rate of mechanical equipment are required.

For companies engaged in packaging machinery manufacturing, more attention should be paid to how to optimize equipment. Good equipment means good quality, and only good quality can have long-term profits. If the focus is mainly on price, development will be greatly restricted. At the same time, we also clearly see that market competition in these fields is becoming more and more fierce. If companies want to become stronger and bigger, they need to take the road of knowledge property. Realizing a breakthrough in the field of industrial machinery automation is an important way to take the road of knowledge property.

At present, industrial robots, microelectronics, computers, intelligent and image sensing technologies will also be more and more widely used, prompting the packaging machinery to become increasingly automated and networked. Therefore, in the future development, only the use of advanced technology in the food packaging industry can enhance its competitiveness and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.


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