Compression Packaging Machine & comprehensive analysis

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Compression packaging machine is a packaging equipment specially designed to compress the volume of the package, sometimes referred to as a vacuum packaging machine, although strictly speaking, vacuum compression packaging is a compression plastic packaging method.

Machine Principle

The unique double cylinder and double station structure design makes the double cylinders work at the same time. Through a strong artificial pressure composed of hydraulic pressure or mechanical screw and motor, most of the air in the package will be discharged, compressed to a certain extent, and the plastic bag will be closed, thereby reducing the volume to more than half of the original or even more, while keeping the shape of the item unchanged. This packaging method can moisture-proof and dust-proof, reduce storage and transportation costs, so it has become an ideal choice for many export enterprises, especially for the packaging of fluffy items such as home textiles and sponges.


Machine Features

• Double station work: The use of double station design, not only takes into account the flexibility of packaging different specifications to be packaged, but also improves work efficiency and saves labor costs.

• Double cylinder work: Double cylinder work makes the pressure greater, more stable and uniform pressing.

• Baseplate positioning device: Some customers require each package to be compressed to a specific thickness, so the baseplate positioning device is added to ensure uniform packaging.

• The sealing strip is lifted with the upper clamping plate: compared with the sealing strip fixed on the rack by other manufacturers, this design can be lifted with the upper clamping plate, making the operation more convenient.

• Special specifications special production.

Scope of Application

Compressed-packing machine is suitable for compressed-packing duvets, space quilts, pillows, cushions, clothing, sponges and other fluffy items, which can reduce the packaging space and reduce the volume, but does not change the shape of the item, making the packaging neat and beautiful, and has the characteristics of moisture-proof and dust-proof, reducing storage and transportation costs. The vacuum compression packaging machine is also suitable for the compression packaging of food, beverage, candy, cultural supplies, arts and crafts, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical supplies and other objects.


Instructions For Use

1.Connect the air source and adjust the air source treatment triplet, adjust the air source pressure to 0.6Mpa, and confirm that the cylinder returns to the initial state.

2.Plug in the foot switch (one for each of A and B), switch on the 220V/50HZ power supply, turn on the power switch, and check the indicator.

3.Test operation: After confirming that the air and power supply are normal, press the start switch and the machine starts to work. First, the two compression cylinders slowly press down, when the cylinder can not continue to press down, step on the foot switch, the sealing cylinder begins to work, also press down. After heating and cooling, the compression cylinder and sealing cylinder are restored to complete the entire operation process. If all is well, you can proceed to the next adjustment.

4.Turn on the heat switch.

5.Adjust the heating time according to the thickness of the bag, usually between 0.4-1.5 seconds, to avoid too short or too long, so as not to affect the sealing quality.

6.Adjust the cooling time, usually between 4-10 seconds, if the sealing quality is good, you can appropriately reduce the cooling time.

7.After the adjustment is completed, place the packaged material on the operating table and ensure that the sealing part is placed smoothly on the sealing strip.

8.When the start button is pressed and the whole process is complete, the packaging is complete.

9.If the sealing quality is found to be poor, the heating time can be extended appropriately.

Through the above steps, the compression packaging machine can be effectively operated to ensure the packaging effect and quality.


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