Are we standing still under Covid-19

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The year 2020 is special for everyone, including us. Facing with many difficulties bought by the epidemic, we decided to take it as a turning point.

The impact of the epidemic has made it difficult for us to communicate with customers offline. As a professional

thermoforming packaging machine company, we must learn from past lessons, seize opportunities, change traditional marketing methods, and let overseas buyers understand us, trust us and choose us.


Therefore, Utien Pack has made the following adjustments in response to the inconvenience caused by this epidemic:


1. Communication

The global epidemic situation is severe, and Utien's exhibitions originally scheduled to be held abroad this year have to be canceled. Therefore, in order to expand the market, we have increased our online publicity efforts. For potential customers, we can live broadcast our factory site trip,machine details, etc.


2. After-sales

Since it is almost impossible to arrange technical personnel for on-site operation training,it is replaced by remote online guidance. We can also record related operation videos to enable customers to understand the operation, management and maintenance methods of machinery and equipment. For the machine sudden breakdown, we’ll also ask our engineer to solve them on line as soon as possible


With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the live broadcast method of selling goods is very popular among suppliers. It can not only help to save money and time during trips, but also offer a 360 full view of the products.


If you have any packaging problem, we’re always here online...


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