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One outstanding and commendable trend in the world is the recent recognition of the place of good packaging material to the overall quality of end products.


This wind of change has not only affected industries such as the food and medical manufacturing industries; but has also cut across chemical, agro-allied and a whole lot of other industries in the world.


The reason why this is the case can easily be deduced from the fact that, with the right packaging machine, products can be maintained to live out their shelf live and also be in the right form during purchase.


And when talking about a reputable and professional firm that has recorded outstanding feats in the packaging line manufacturing marketplace, Utien Pack Co. Ltd has remained at the forefront as a leading manufacturer of various packaging machine for various industries.


Utien Pack Co., Ltd., which was established in 1994 with over two decades of active service in the packaging industry is now known and referred to globally as a thermoforming packaging machine heavyweight due to our contribution in the reformation of the industry.

 Thermoforming Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

At Utien Pack Co., Ltd., we are a professional manufacturer with proven record excellence, and we are engaged in the development and manufacture of vacuum packaging machines, filling machines, shrinking machines, sealing machines, and other auxiliary packaging machines.


With over 20 years of production practice, our company has accumulated a rich wealth of experience in professional mechanical design and manufacturing.


Besides our wealth of experience, which is visible through the quality of our products and services, we also have strong product research, development, design, and manufacturing capabilities.


All of these, we do with an intelligent product structure, advanced technology and high-quality product delivery.


We have many loyal customers all over the world, covering many industries, like food, medical, chemical,electronics, etc.


Our product export service knows no bound in terms of geographical location, and this cuts across both Southeast Asia and other countries and regions of the world.  Our first-class product quality, good after-sales service, and reliable business reputation have made us become a family name that is widely praised and accepted in the industry.


At Utien Pack Co., Ltd., we can provide a variety of packaging options, including fully automatic vacuum skin packaging machines, stretch film packaging machines, and thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machines. Our packaging machines are well-designed and suitable for all kinds of food, medicine or other non-food industries.


Our core mission in the industry is to We provide a specializes and personalized packaging solutions according to the particularity of our customers’ products and needs. All our products are automated with efficient packaging, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and excellent packaging quality.  


In addition to all of that, we also provide customers with professional after-sales service to give them a sense of belonging to our innovative and technological prolific brand.


Cooperate with us for the best thermoforming packaging machine

In case you need any type of packaging machine, you can count on us as a reliable brand to team up with. Kindly contact us for a smooth deal today. 


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