Our Recent Partnership With A Meat Processing Company

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Over the years, meat and other dairy product producer have gone through a tough time in the packaging and preservation of their products. Some of these challenges stem from the fact that, there is no proper packing machine to store and preserve their produce in the right form for as long as they would want.


In many cases, improper packaging methods is very likely to speed up the deteriorating of fresh food like meat.


For this reason, meat producing companies have been on the lookout for a reliable manufacturer of various packaging to cooperate with for a seamless business partnership.


It often takes lots of time and efforts to evaluate a good machine manufacturer. Before decision, there are many considerations: service, quality, price,etc. Finally, Utien Pack is the end winner among many international suppliers. The Utien is chosen for its smooth communication, reliable operation, global recognition.


Their range of products and services cover almost all parts of the meat processing industry. In specific terms, they undertake animal breeding, slaughtering and deep processing, cold chain transportation technology research and development, and marketing.


After the slaughtering and processing of their meat products, the meat is refined and divided into 16 parts with over 200 varieties.  Being a company that has gained wide client coverage all over the world, the annual slaughter and processing capacity of beef cattle of the company is about 200,000 heads and the annual output of beef is 50,000 tons.


Also, in order to reach out to their teeming clients who are in need of different meat products, which are processed under the best environment and condition, the meat company undertakes the processing of various meat products. Top on the list of their main product categories include fresh but not limited to; beef, hot pot ingredients, steak, cooked food, convenience ingredients, and many more.


And for the high-quality soft film thermoforming packaging machine that the company plans to order this time, the machine will mainly be used for packaging minced meat, and the packaging format with which the machine will operate is vacuum packaging.


Below is a picture showing the packaging form of their products using the machine,they have ordered from us. Moreover, the equipment they order from us is designed and customized according to our customers' special needs. 

 thermoforming packaging

Partner with us for the best equipment

We remain at the top spot as the manufacturer and supplier of different format of soft film thermoforming packaging machines.


In case you or your organization needs a reliable and professional packaging machine manufacturer to work with, kindly contact us for the best deal.


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