Advantages of Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Desktop vacuum packaging machine is used by the operator to move the items that need to be vacuumized onto the table top and then conduct vacuum sealing. The table type vacuum packaging machine has a load-bearing range. It is necessary to confirm the load-bearing range of the table type vacuum packaging machine before operation.

 tabletop vacuum machine

What do you need in the process of operation?   


Before use:            

1. Carefully read the manual of desktop vacuum packaging machine;            

2. Check all parts of the machine before use. If there is any abnormality or damage, replace with new parts immediately. It is recommended to use original parts;            

3. Ensure that there are no tools or other items on the desktop vacuum packaging machine, and keep the machine clean;            

4. Carefully read the operating instructions of the desktop vacuum packaging machine and the explanatory phrases and important marks on the machine.            


During use:            

1. Confirm that the power supply is not plugged in correctly;            

2. Please do not put other heavy objects on the machine, because the load-bearing capacity of the desktop vacuum packaging machine is limited;            

3. There is a limit to the load-bearing of the machine, and it is not allowed to be overweight;            4. Do not touch the heater directly by hand;            

5. If it is used in explosion-proof industry, explosion-proof motor shall be used.            


After use:            

1. Confirm that all switches are closed.            

2. Keep the machine and parts clean, do not wash the machine by hand, and check whether the table vacuum packaging machine needs to add lubricating oil.            


Function features of external vacuum packaging machine:  


1. Air extraction, inflation, sealing and cooling, It is suitable for fresh keeping of food, such as vegetables, onions and dried fruits.            

2. When the air extraction switch is turned off, it is equal to: inflation, sealing and cooling. This kind of use is suitable for: be afraid of overstock and shockproof, such as food, electronics, electrical appliances, etc. if it is not food, it can be used for other gases.            

3. Turn off the inflation switch: air extraction, sealing and cooling. The utility model is suitable for vacuum packaging of food, electronics, medicine, tools, general merchandise and other industries.            

4. Suction switch, inflation switch and switch off are equal to sealing and cooling. The utility model is suitable for sealing various candy foods, general commodities, stationery, electrical appliances, medicines, etc.


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