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The packaging is an essential thing to distinguish different brand products and promote sales. If you want to capture the attention of your target audience, then you have to do it through packaging. In similar products, packaging should have brand characteristics that can stand out from many products, thereby achieving a great purpose. 

Utien packaging involves the usage of thermoforming machine. This machine performs the sealing automatically. The hard tray contains six individually wrapped zongzi, with a dashed cut in the middle of the entire package. This unique and exciting Utien packaging can stand out from many similar products. This equipment provides one of the best vacuum packaging, thereby expanding the consumer market share. At the same time, the easy-to-peel sealing technology makes the product easy to open.

thermoforming machine

Thermoforming principle

The advanced molding packaging method can improve the packaging production rate and quality. It can customize the packaging shape, pattern, shape size, LOGO, etc. The packaging is excellent when it comes to freshness. The thermal forming machine completes the packaging molding process by controlling the air pressure on both sides of the film. After that, it is preheated in the cavity and push the film down to form a unique tray shape. The process is fast, uniform, beautiful, sanitary, and safe.

Fully automated packaging production

The thermoforming stretch film packaging machine can automatically stretch form, seal, cut, and output the packaging from the rolled film sheet. While the third party can be equipped with various types of auxiliary equipment. This equipment may include a robot, automatic filling equipment, weighing heads, belts, printer, labeling machine, and ultraviolet disinfection. It may also include diverse types of metal detection equipment. After the completion of commissioning equipment, it may highly automate the operation, requiring only a small number of people to perform observation and maintenance. It can save a lot of human resources. The device also has the alarm self-checking capability. It can prompt the faulty part to complete repair and adjustment in time.

Safety of the Whole Machine

The safety of the whole machine is important. There is a stainless steel protective cover to prevent touching the internal components. The side door, electrical cabinet, protective cover, etc. of the machine adopt distance sensors to prevent safety accidents caused by opening the fuselage during operation. The safety of the packaging is also imperative. Better packaging makes the shelf life longer. Modified atmosphere packaging is adopted for the rigid packaging box. The proliferation of microorganisms in the packaging is suppressed by adjusting the gas ratio, thereby ensuring food safety.

Quality and Durability

Only high-quality packaging equipment can produce high-quality packaging. The high-quality packaging can grab the attention of the consumers. If the packaging would be customized properly, then it can increase sales to the maximum. Also, stability, efficiency, and durability can create the highest value for customers.

Final Words

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When it comes to Utien packaging, then companies should purchase a thermal forming machine. It is fully automatic and can provide the output of around 10,000 packages. The operation of this machine is quite simple, and it has a full touch screen control. Due to this reason, you can adjust the settings of the machine according to your needs. In this way, you will get the highest quality thermoforming stretch film packaging.


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