China thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine

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Thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine is widely used for the pack of raw and cooked meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, and other snack foods. The modified atmosphere packaging food can better maintaine the original taste, color, shape and nutrition of the food,and can achieve a longer shelf life.


The features of this machine are as follows


1. This machine is suitable for box packaging of various types of food. It can automatically complete the steps of vacuuming, automatic mixing of fresh-keeping gas (usually CO2, N2, O2), inflation, sealing packaging, slitting, and packaging finished product discharge;


2. Package films of different materials such as composite films, co-extruded films can be sealed and packaged;


3. As for the servo motor drive, the programmable controller (PLC) cooperates with the touch screen to realize the man-machine interface dialogue. Each part of the action and control parameters can be set and modified by the PLC. The control is convenient, reliable, accurate and flexible, and the failure rate is low;


4. The integral aluminum alloy side plate bracket is of great strength and straightness. The main body is made of stainless steel material, which is easy to clean;


5. Parameters such as sealing pressure, temperature and time can be accurately controlled to ensure that the product sealing achieves the expected effect;


6. The photoelectric tracking cover film pattern ensures the integrity of the package printing pattern;


7.The shape of the mold can be customized according to the customer’s preferences of the style of the packaging box.

Utien Pack Co,. Ltd,founded in 1994, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the development and manufacture of China thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine.


The working principles of each part of the modified atmosphere packaging machine are as follows:


Bottom film guide device: The bottom film of the reel is installed on the film frame, and then pulled and sent to the machine by the guiding roller after being pulled.


Bottom film conveying device: A number of clips are installed on the conveyor chains arranged along the longitudinal sides of the machine, which can automatically clamp the two sides of the bottom film continuously, and send it to the terminal from the beginning of the machine.


Bottom film preheating and thermoforming device: The bottom film is pulled by the chain clamp. Before entering the thermoforming device, it is preheated by the preheating device to shorten the thermoforming heating time and achieve rapid forming.


Material filling device: After the base film is formed, it is sent to the filling area, where the material needs to be equipped by customers.


Film guide and pre-printed system: the film loaded on the support roller is pre-printed by the customer. Meanwhile, the machine can perform automatic benchmarking, while an automatic coding system is optional.


Gas replacement and heat sealing device: After the tray covered by the upper film enters this device, it performs vacuuming and gas filling operations. Finally, the upper film and the tray are heat-sealed by the heat sealing template.


Slitting device: heat sealing to form rows of packaging, cross-cutting by slitting device, and then slitting to obtain individual packaging products.

Output conveyor system: After the product packaging is sealed and cut, the product is output by the conveyor belt


Control device: The whole machine control system is controlled by programmable logic controller, and is equipped with touch screen to realize human-machine interface dialogue. Each operating parameter can be set and input arbitrarily and can be modified as needed.


Modified atmosphere packaging machines’ continuous work, high production efficiency, and online detection can be achieved to ensure product quality; the changing mold can be adapted to the packaging of different shapes of packaging trays.Meanwhile, most importantly, according to different requirements, you can choose the corresponding model. Thus, it is an ideal product for you to choose.


That’s the basic introduction of our thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine, if you encounter any problems, please feel free to send us an inquiry and we will do our best to assist you.

thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine


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