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For different types of meat, it is hard to tell which packaging method is most suitable. First of all, these kinds of packaging methods help to extend the shelf life of products and enhance the attractiveness of products. However, there are two important directions for determining what type of packaging is right for you: scene and type.

Vacuum packaging

Predict the various scenarios that the product will be exposed to, and combine the biological changes that the product may experience. For example, in the fresh food trading area, meat products that will be packaged and sold include cold meat, seafood meat, poultry meat, etc. These meat products are packaged in MAP, SKIN, VACUUM, general packaging, etc. Thus, what is the basis of the selected type for these different types of product packaging?

frozen meat

Slaughterhouse to Supermarket

Usually large-scale slaughter enterprises will first choose vacuum packaging to transport the cold chain of large pieces of meat to the downstream. Vacuum packaging removes oxygen inside, which ensures the freshness of meat in the package, saves transportation space and facilitates the stacking of meat.

After receiving large chunks of raw meat downstream, suitable packaging forms will be selected for different scenarios. For example, as a company that builds a brand and supplies new retailers, it will choose: 1. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) that keeps the fresh-red appearance of the meat; 2. Vacuum packaging that can save longer shelf life; 3. For more ornamental and protective purpose, Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) will be a better choice compared with vacuum packaging. Choose the final packaging form according to the company's sales positioning. However, retailers that sell products directly and quickly at store will prefer a simple packaging that combines a simple tray and plastic wrap.


Need to lock fresh

Because the metabolism of seafood is different from that of cold meat, the packaging requirement for seafood is to lock freshness quickly. For short-distance sales, three methods are available, but if long-distance sales are required, quick freezing generally extends the period of freshness. Therefore, vacuum packaging is more often used.

Therefore, for each product, we must consider the characteristics and environment of the product, as well as the interactions between the product and the packaging material. The interaction between the machine and the packaging material also has a significant impact on the quality of the packaging. As an experienced machinery manufacturer, UTIENPACK provides customers with packaging sample testing services, and cooperates with leading film manufacturers to meet customers' packaging requirements with specific high-quality packaging materials.


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