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Tray packaging

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With the continuous development of various kinds of foods and their packaging in supermarkets, demand of some products packed in trays is also increasing. Improving product value, protecting products, and extending shelf life are all characteristics of tray packaging.

Types and applications of tray packaging:

Natural Sealing Packaging (SEALING)


As the simplest form of packaging for pallet packaging, any type of film is used for direct sealing, including some that require punching, micro-perforation, or ordinary film. There is no need for gas replacement in the packaging. In addition to preventing the impact and physical damage caused by direct contact with the product, it does not have the advantage of extending the shelf life of the product. The biggest advantage of this type of packaging is the fast packaging speed, which is often used in fruits and daily products.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)


Fill the gas mixture suitable for the product according to a certain intention, and replace the gas inside the package. It can slow down the growth of microorganisms and limit oxidation to ensure the freshness of food. Commonly used in fresh meat, cooked food with lozenges, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Skin Packaging (SKIN)


In recent years, skin packaging popular packaging form with a growing trend. In addition to prolonging the shelf life of the product, its 3D display effect also improves the appearance value and grade of the product. Meanwhile, it also saves packaging volume and reduces storage and transportation costs. Commonly used in seafood and meat.

Tray packaging

These rich pallet packaging forms can be produced by Tray Sealer packaging machine by UtienPack. The Tray Sealer can realize the design of one machine with multiple molds, which is suitable for different types of trays. UtienPack can customize various types of packaging for customers based on the specific needs of customers and on the premise of ensuring efficient and reliable equipment production.


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