Market Trend, Segmentation of Vacuum Packaging Machine

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A vacuum packaging machine is distinguishable in today’s modern community. In a food industry the vacuum packaging machine ensures that the freshness of the food even if it’s opened. For instance, if your use the vacuum packaging machines, frozen foods such as chicken can be persevered for 15 days whereas if preserved with a standard equipment it can only be stored for 3 days. This packaging machine ensures that bacteria proliferation and wastage of food are avoided therefore promoting  food consumption responsibly.

vacuum packaging machine


Market Drivers

Market drivers of the vacuum Packaging machine includes;

1. Increasing demand for hygienic packaging of products

Increase in awareness of quality and hygienic packaging of food, pharmaceuticals products increases the growth of the products significantly in the market, the high demand for longer shelf life of products increase the growth of the vacuum Packaging machine in the market.

The demand for frozen foods and ready to go meals mostly in consumers residing in Asia, North America and China where busy lifestyle are common in their population increase the growth of the vacuum Packaging machines.

Thus, this machine makes things convenient and it’s also a cost effective packaging technique.

2. Pharmaceutical Industries hold high significant market growth

One of the challenges the health sector face is the need to keep their devices sterilized, this vacuum packaging machine plays an important role in protecting the medical devices by ensuring it’s not exposed to oxygen because if it expose to oxygen it could alter the medication results.

   Vacuum Packaging machine


Vacuum Packaging machine is Segmented on the basis listed below

1 Based on Material type

  • Polyethylene

  • Polyamide

  • Polypropylene

  • Ethylene vinyl alcohol

  • Others.

2. Based on Machinery

  • Thermoformers

  • External vacuum sealers

  • Tray sealing machine

3. Based on Process

  • Skin vacuum Packaging

  • Shrink vacuum Packaging

4. Based on Packaging

  • Rigid packaging

  • Semi-rigid packaging

  • Flexible packaging

5. Based on Application

  • Food

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Industry goods

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