The best packaging for the baked food ,do you know?

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The pace of work and life is accelerating with the development of the economy globally. For this reason, baked food is sought after by the younger generation and urban white-collar workers because of its portability and ready-to-eat.

At present, although most bakery products are made at high temperatures throughout the production process, they are extremely prone to mold in the later packaging and preservation stages. This in most cases, usually results in rancid taste, changes in color and decrease in the nutritional value of the food.

 modified atmosphere packaging machine

Propionic acid and salts are currently the main preservatives, but according to research results, all propionic acid (even if added by national standards) is related to migraine. Although many companies have also introduced many antiseptic and fresh-keeping agents, the main raw material always contains propionic acid and salts.

So besides using chemical preservatives and other types of preservatives, one imminent question is whether there are different ways to preserve freshness? Well, the answer to this question is yes! And like you would rightly guess, the current advanced, safe, and scientific method of preservation is modified atmosphere preservation packaging, which is one of the core products of our company.


Yes, Utien Pack Co.,Ltd. was established in 1994, specializing in the production of fully automatic vacuum packaging. To maintain a leading position, we cooperate with many domestic baking companies and have rich technical experience.


We can help companies design individual packaging solutions to improve production efficiency and prevent secondary pollution that may affect food materials quality. With this, we can also reduce the cost of staffing and material transportation. We are a trusted partner of the majority of baking companies.


About our Modified Atmosphere Packaging machine

Interestingly, the so-called modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) or controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) is also called replacement gas packaging or inflatable packaging.

 modified atmosphere packaging machine

In a more simplified manner, you can put, it is to extract oxygen and at the same time fill in inert gases such as CO2 and N2 as needed to prevent food from spoiling or being contaminated by other materials.  Such packing method is helpful to guarantee food quality in physical, chemical, biological and other aspects, thereby extending the shelf life of food.

Experiments have confirmed that under the same storage conditions, compared with traditional packaging, the shelf life of baked goods such as bread and sandwiches in modified atmosphere packaging can be extended by three times or more.


This, you can confirm, makes the modified atmosphere packaging machine stand out as a handy and highly efficient piece of equipment for packaging and preserving things. At the same time, high-barrier composite plastic film is used as the packaging material to achieve better results.


If you need a high-quality thermoformed modified atmosphere packaging machine, kindly contact us for the best deal.


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