You Can Vacuum Packaging More Than Your Imagination

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We love vacuum sealing, not only for saving a ton of money on food, but also for saving time in and out of the kitchen. Did you know that vacuum sealing can be used for more than just packing meat and cheese?

Recently we asked our customers for their favorite ways to use their vacuum sealers. We were pleasantly surprised to hear some new and unique ideas!


1. Coffee Beans

After you open a fresh bag of coffee beans or grounds, they are susceptible to compounds in the air. The National Coffee Association reported that coffee can quickly lose its flavor when exposed to moisture, so it's imperative to seal it in an airtight container or sealed bag to ensure its freshness for longer periods of time.


2. Baby Food & Formula

Use your vacuum sealer to make large batches of homemade baby food or smaller packs of individual baby portion sizes. Store full unopened containers of baby formulas using larger gusseted vacuum seal rolls.


3. Books – Rare & Collectibles

Book collectors know how fragile these items can get over time. Keep these precious finds waterproof and safe from damage by vacuum sealing them and storing away.


4. First-Aid Kits

Whether you're sending your children to school or making a kit for an outdoor pursuit, keep medical supplies in one handy bag by vacuum sealing bandages, gauze and pain killers together.


5. Ice

Why spend money on ice packs when you've already got the necessary ingredients in your kitchen? Simply seal small batches of ice and you've got a perfect cool block for kids' lunches or quick pain relief.


6. Game Pieces

If you're constantly losing pieces to your favorite board games, consider sealing them in a bag to ensure that they haven't mysteriously disappeared


7.Nuts and Bolts

Got some leftover pieces after assembling that bookcase? Keep them together by sealing them and keeping them stored in a cabinet or drawer, labeled with a permanent marker so you don't forget which pieces go where.


8. iPad

Don’t let that expensive iPad or notebook get wet when at the pool or beach. Not only can you vacuum seal to keep waterproof but you can still use it with the touchpad. 


9. Seeds

Whether you are buying seeds or using seeds from fresh fruits and vegetables,  place them in vacuum seal bags to keep dry and ready to use for years. Make sure seeds are laid out to completely dry before vacuum sealing.


10. Valuables 

Protect your valuables from air and water by vacuum sealing them before storing them away. Vacuum seal gold, silver, jewelry, collectibles and more.


Vacuum sealing can be used throughout your home for many different uses beyond food. Take a look at the above mentioned ways in which you can widely use a vacuum sealer in your everyday life! 

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