Automatic Tray Sealer Machine: Guaranteeing Food Shelf-life And Hygiene

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Consumers’ consciousness of hygiene and contamination-free food products has increased immensely. They’re even ready to pay more for any product that conveys this quality. The current pandemic adds to this quest and increases concerns for hygiene and safety.


Major manufacturers of automatic tray sealer machines have recognized the need for safe and quality packaging. On the other hand, they design pieces of equipment that safeguard products from impurities and ensures safety, shelf-life, and hygienic quality during packaging.


Hence, the automatic tray sealer machine offers a ground-breaking packaging way out in this COVID-19 era that hygiene is emphasized. This modern machine provides convenience for many companies with packaging needs.


However, when searching for a packaging machine that offers high shelf life and hygienic quality of your products, you need to contact a reputable manufacturer of automated packaging equipment.

For different capacities, Utien offers automatic and semi-automatic vacuum sealing machines for food packaging equipment. The vacuum sealer provides airtight packaging and seals the packaging by applying heat and pressure directly.


Overview of Automatic Tray Sealer Machine

This machine is very suitable for the packaging of refrigerated and fresh frozen food. Such as sausages, poultry, bacon, meat, seafood and fast food.


The tray sealing machine has strong environmental protection features. Also, it offers a higher standard than customary PET or PP-PE packs to conserve product worth, prolong shelf life, and decrease food contaminants. Additionally, automated tray technology improved seal force of about two hundred percent (200%) while realizing a 92% decrease in energy usage.


The system advances MAP procedures through correct gas flush placing, and decreasing gas flush phase times, allowing it efficient and increasing shelf-life. Hygiene is an essential issue for the poultry and meat sector is addressed in the design of the tray sealers.


This tray sealer machine features a strong stainless-steel structure that can resist daily regular cleaning. Besides, it does not allow bacteria growth, while electrical modules are properly insulated for optimal safety during washdown.

 automatic tray sealer machine

Benefits of Automatic Tray Sealers Machine

In addition to improving food hygiene and extending food shelf life, thw automatic tray sealers machine also has the following features:

1. All functions have motor control, fast packaging speed and high precision.

2. The trays are microwave and refrigerated usable grade.

3. The whole machine is sealed and operated safely, preventing danger, and using a number of patented technologies, the performance is more powerful.

4. It makes the content to be visible.

5. Touch screen operation is simple, convenient and easy to learn.

6. Quality after-sales service, solutions are given within 24 hours, and repairs can be made to the factory within 48 hours.


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