Common Faults And Solutions Of Vacuum Packaging Machines

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For over centuries, vacuum packaging has been one of the most popular food preservation methods, as it can be applied to various kinds of food.


The main job of vauum packaging is to remove the air around the food before packaging. This makes it difficult for aerobic microorganisms, especially molds, to survive, thereby prolonging food shelf life.


In this way, we can’t help attributing the popularity of vacuum packaging to its machine manufacturers behind. Vacuum machine manufacturers provide high-quality machines to ensure the smooth preservation of various foods, and Utien is recognized by many users who require packaging solutions.

Regardless of the success story of vacuum packaging machines,there could still be problems in daily use. This explains why it is important to patronize professional vacuum packaging machines manufacturers renowned for their excellent and quality products. With that, you are sure to minimize the occurrence of technical problems during its use.


The following are some problems of vacuum packaging machines form some vacuum packaging machine manufacturers  and their possible remedies:

一.The vacuum degree is not high

Several reasons for the failure:
1. Part of the vacuum pipeline is leaking or loose
2. There is debris in the filter
3. The wiper in the vacuum pump is worn
4. The vacuum pump oil is too dirty
5. The plastic bag is sucked by the suction nozzle when pumping
6. The vacuum chamber is not well sealed and leaks

The corresponding solution:

1. Overhaul pipelines, casings and joints

2. Remove debris from the filter

3. Replace the three wipers of the vacuum pump, see the vacuum pump manual for details

4. Replace the new vacuum pump oil, drain the original engine oil completely, and refill the vacuum pump oil, being careful not to exceed 1/2 of the oil window

5. Use both hands to pull open the plastic bag next to its mouth

6. Replace the sealing strip

 vacuum packaging machine

二.No vacuum

Several reasons for the failure:
1. The vacuum pump is broken
2. The vacuum pump motor is working and noisy, but does not vacuum
3. The electric contact vacuum gauge is broken
4. Problems with the control system
5. Operation and use errors (generally appear in newly purchased equipment)
6. The limit switch is not closed or damaged

The corresponding solution:
1. Replace the vacuum pump

2. Turn the vacuum pump over and replace any two-phase wires of the 380V three-phase

3. Replace the electric contact vacuum gauge

4. Check the control system and replace the broken parts

5. Whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, whether the power supply’s positive and negative connection is wrong, whether the air pressure is normal. If the equipment with inflation function, check whether the air compressor and inflation tube are inserted incorrectly.
6. Adjust the position of the travel switch or replace the travel switch.


三.Keeps vacuuming

Several reasons for the failure:
1. The vacuum pump AC contactor or vacuum gauge is broken
2. The control system is broken

The corresponding solution:
1. Replace AC contactor or vacuum gauge
2. Overhaul or replace the control system circuit board


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