The Benefits of Packaging for Brand Marketing

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With the accelerated economic development, the phenomenon of product homogeneity has increased. To be more attractive to consumers, product packaging has become more and more important to sales.


In this era known as the eyeball economy, only by attracting consumers’ attention can brands be accepted by the public and products can be purchased. As a new packaging form in China, vacuum skin packaging has a promising future.


The role of product packaging in marketing


1. Packaging is a sales force.


Today, this product is full of brilliance, and consumers spend a short time on each product when they buy products. Therefore, whether it can arouse consumers' desire for consumption and generate purchase motives largely depends on the product packaging.


The packaging of the product first demonstrates its sales force and assumes the main function of attracting consumers. For example, the earlier lo-mei, cooked foods such as duck necks were sold in bulk, but nowadays, they are in box-type modified atmosphere packaging. As a result, sales have risen rapidly.


It directly shows that packaging affects product sales to a large extent.

 vacuum skin packaging

2. Packaging is a kind of brand power.


The 21st century is an era of brand consumption. When consumers buy goods, they are no longer purely in order to meet their material needs, but they pay more attention to whether the goods can bring them personal and spiritual satisfaction.


Now, competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. It is reflected in the rigid aspects such as technology, product quality, and price, and soft aspects such as brand image and product packaging.


In these soft competitions, brand’s competition has become increasingly prominent and more important, and it is also a direct way of competition.


3. How vacuum skin packages promote the products


Enhance product value. Some domestic fresh meats are mostly sold openly or packaged with a layer of plastic wrap on a tray.


However, from the convenience of consumption, safety and product value, skin-friendly vacuum packaging is more in line with future development trends.


The skinned vacuum packaging of fresh meat has many advantages.

I. The body-fitted film completely conforms to the products of different shapes. It automatically covers the bottom tray, displaying the three-dimensional appearance of the product in a three-dimensional manner. It is convenient for consumers to inspect, distinguish and touch, and lock water and blood to prevent liquid flow.


II. Enhance market competitive advantage. As an internationally recognized high-end packaging, the product space after skin packaging is compressed to a minimum, convenient to carry and transport and save logistics costs. The excellent firm packaging form can also play the role of dustproof, shockproof and moistureproof.


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