Is Nitrogen in Thermoformed Modified Atmosphere Packaging Harmful to Humans?

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When it comes to food preservation and packaging, the thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging is of great value. So many investors and food manufacturers depends on them to package their perishable products.


Modified atmosphere packaging generally uses inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide to inhibit bacteria and keep food fresh. We all know that this kind of machine is beneficial for food preservation due to the inert gas in it to extend the shelf life of food. But a key question often asked by many customers is: whether or not the nitrogen in modified atmosphere packaging is harmful to humans?

 thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging

Although this question may sound a bit tricky to answer, the simple and shortest answer to the question is a negative response, which is NO.

Despite of the fact that direct inhalation of nitrogen will impact the human’s health, causing us to become excited, shouting, screaming, and finally leading to coma. This only happens when we’re in an environment with a high nitrogen concentration.


However, the amount of nitrogen in food packaging is small, which will not put people directly in a high-nitrogen environment. Also, the nitrogen will not chemically react with food and will not be absorbed by food, so it is not harmful to the human body.


One thing that should be noted is that the quality and purity of nitrogen in the thermoform modified atmosphere packaging machine is under strict control. As it’s for food packaging, we need to make sure 99.9% , or even 99.99% purity of the nitrogen gas.

 thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging

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