Chances and Challenges in the Baked Food Packaging Market

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In recent years, baked food industry of our country has been gradually growing. One is the scale of the industry. Now whether in the city or the country, there are endless bakery shops you can see. Second, with the expansion of the scale of baked food industry, there are more and more employees in the industry. The third is the increasing variety of baked food. However, the safety and quality of baked goods are also the problems we need to solve.

Opportunities and Challenges in the Baked Food Packaging Market

Features of Baked Food Market

Baked food has always occupied an important position in our country's food industry. Since the reform and opening up, the variety, quality, packaging equipment and design of our country's baked food have improved significantly. With the increasing maturity of people's consumption concepts, health, safety, nutrition, deliciousness and convenience have gradually become people's pursuit of bakery food.

Many popular bread brands have been created in the booming baking industry. For some of these companies, despite the rapid growth of the baking market, their annual turnover has been declining year after year. It shows that the competition in the baked food industry is extremely cruel.


Future development of Baked Food Market

Now, baked goods have become important snack foods and staple food substitutes for Chinese urban residents.

1) Pay more attention to baked food safety

With our country's strengthening management of food safety, we also pay much more attention to baked food safety. However, some small and medium-sized production companies in the industry, they lack relative professionals and skills. What’s more, some facilities in these companies are also very poor which directly affect baked food safety.

2) Sales channels will change dramatically

Based on the development of online sales, some bakery entrepreneurs in our country are also looking for a new sales model-a way to deliver them from factories to consumers. This method is a greater challenge in the transportation of the product. In the past, consumers usually buy baked food directly in bakery shops, while the baked goods in the store are often not packaged or simply packaged, and the shelf life is relatively short. But now through online sales, packaging and preservation of baked food during transportation has become a problem to be solved.


Solution to Baked Food Packaging

In conclusion, the thermoforming packaging machine designed by Utien for the packaging of bakery foods can well solve the above-mentioned problems. The thermoforming packaging machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that deep-draws the thermoplastic sheet packaging material under heating to form a packaging container, and then seals it with a film after filling the material. Its advantage for bakery food packaging is that it can be automatically made into a hard tray and sealed, which avoids food deformation during transportation.

the thermoforming packaging machine designed by Utien

In addition, the thermoforming packaging machine can be filled with fresh-keeping gas before sealing, which can extend the shelf life of the food without affecting taste of food. We believed that this innovative and safer packaging method will be favored by more baking industries in the future. Welcome to contact us for bakery packaging!


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