4 Basic Packaging Principles To Make Your Food More Popular

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Food Choice

Now we have entered a new era of consumption. Food is no longer simply to fill the stomach. And more, we hope to get spiritual enjoyment at the same time as we enjoy it. Therefore, as consumers, when it comes to food choices, food that pay attention to quality, interest and taste will be more likely to be selected among similar products. Food packaging is also affected by this trend. A large number of functional packaging has appeared one after another, and at the same time with both aesthetics and practicality. Following the four basic principles of food packaging design can make your food more popular.


Protect the Goods

A good food packaging must not only protect the inherent quality of the food, but also generally refer to the shelf life and freshness of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the appearance of food from damage, and ensure that the appearance of the food is kept intact during all the process from the manufacturer to the consumer such as transportation, storage, and display. 


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Convenient and Easy

I believe everyone has had this experience. Some packages cannot be torn easily, or they are easily torn but are torn in half. There are also large packages of food that are not portable and edible, which will lead to the phenomenon of incomplete eating and waste. Such unhappy experience caused by improper packaging will reduce consumer loyalty to their brand, leading to the loss of repeat customers. Therefore, the convenient and easy-to-tear mouth, excellent sealing technology, and portable small packaging design all show that you value the customer experience and show the humanization of the brand.


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Highlight Individuality

Only when a product has a personality can it stand out among similar products and impress consumers deeply. In terms of food packaging, the means to highlight individuality can be from the shape, color, pattern of the packaging and the design of packaging materials and the selection of packaging methods that highlight the characteristics of the food. You can design the individuality of food packaging from the above methods, so as to get the upper hand in the industry.


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Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

When talking about vacuum skin packaging, we have to mention our vacuum skin packaging machine, which use the latest technology to retain food freshness as much as possible. Thermoforming uses high vacuum power to force special skin pack film to completely cover and secure the food product. To learn how our technology can revolutionize your packaging applications, contact our experts or request information today.








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