Flexible Thermoforming Packaging Machine For Medical Products

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COVID-19 has created an increase in demand for medical equipment like syringes. With an influx of current and future syringe orders due to the ongoing pandemic, manufacturers need to prepare throughout the production chain including an increase of packaging capabilities. Ensuring the proper materials, package design and technology are critical to guarantee product integrity and safe distribution from the manufacturing plant all the way to the patient. 


How To Make Sure Your Medical Stay Sterile And Aseptic?

 It’s important to make sure your medical supply stay sterile, since and contamination during production could lead to catastrophic consequences. As for the package, it’s crucial to make sure the pack can be easily and hygienically opened by the healthcare workers. Consider measures like using tamper evident materials and a packaging designed to guarantee a sterile syringe upon opening. Moreover,your medical packaging may need to undergo sterilization techniques such as steam-heat treatments, use of gases, and Gamma or E-Beam radiation. Ease of sterilization for the machine and packages is a priority when considering your packaging machine.

Flexible Thermoforming Packaging Machine

What Is Thermoforming?

Typically medical packaging uses the thermoforming packaging method.This is the use of heat and pressure when forming the tray to allow product(like syringe)to be manually or automatically filled into the tray cavity. The tray is then sealed with lidding material and enters into longitudinal and traverse cutting to obtain individual packages. Depending on the packaging support requirements of your medical products, thermoforming can be accomplished using a flexible film base, semi- rigid or rigid film base. Lidding can consist of paper, tyvec, foil or film.


What Thermoforming Machine Should I Be Considering?

Thermoforming packaging machines are exceptional for packaging medical devices such as syringes, gauze, kits & other disposables. Depending on the answers to your questions such as output, plant floor space, and even budget, that would determine which size thermoforming packaging machine would fit your needs. The smaller the machine the smaller the output and the bigger the machine the bigger the output.Usually, medical manufacturers prefer a medium or large sized machine with a higher output. Additionally, when choosing your packaging partner for a thermoforming packaging machine, consider an operator friendly interface, sterile and aseptic practices, and ease of access for technical reasons in design.

Flexible Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Utien Flexible Thermoforming Packaging Machine

It’s time to introduce our Flexible Thermoforming Packaging Machine which is exactly suitable for packing medical products. Utien’s high-performance thermoforming packaging machines can be designed for implementation of customer-specific special solutions. This enables them to provide customised designs, which are unique in the market as regards packaging material, pack properties, output, flexibility, automation and line integration.



High Level Of Versatility

Thermoforming packaging machines in Utien also offer great versatility with regard to packaging materials, format sizes and forming depths. A quick and simple format change facilitates conversion of the machine, even for small batch sizes. The packaging system is also designed for the production of modified atmosphere packs.

Flexible Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Modular Construction

The systematic modular construction gives a high level of flexibility as regards the design and extension capability of the machine. It also enables automation, identification and inspection solutions to be integrated flexibly into the machine.



Energy-efficient servo drives provide great precision in the transporting of the film and in the lifting units. A chain guide on one side ensures that there is the best possible usage of packaging materials.


For a medical device manufacturer or packer now is the time to equip your packaging line with the best equipment, tools, and processes to begin or expand your medical packaging output. Remember to partner with an experienced OEM to help guide and offer expertise in your new or expanding medical packaging operation.


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