Which is the Most Popular Package for the Chinese Pie?

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Mid Autumn Festival is one of the Chinese traditional festival, while moon cake is the favourite snack during the Mid-autumn Festival.) A large number of moon cakes of different brands and different flavors flood the supermarkets. However, the packaging of various moon cakes has not been changed for many years, and its disadvantages have gradually arisen. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the times, moon cake packaging requires multiple characteristics such as high efficiency, safety, low cost, and beauty. Therefore, highly efficient and customizable thermoforming packaging has become the preferred packaging for it.

thermoforming stretch packaging

Current packing situation for moon cake in market

There are many kinds of moon cake packages currently seen on the market, but they can be roughly divided into three categories:

1. Soviet-style moon cakes, traditional oil paper packaging. First, if the oil paper is of poor quality, it is easy to seep oil and affect the appearance. And the whole package is not sealed, which has no protective effect on the preservation of moon cakes.

2. Cantonese-style moon cakes are also the most popular moon cakes sold in China. It is often used as a gift, so the packaging is luxurious and high-end, and there will be repeated packaging with high cost. Common packaging includes a built-in plastic tray with plastic packaging on the outside, and then a high-end outer packaging. Even sometimes tinplate packaging will be applied.

3. Halal moon cakes are mostly sold in the northwestern region. The moon cakes are relatively large, and most of them are mainly packed in plastic bags.

Limitations for moon cake packaging

With the transformation of people's consumption consciousness and consumption habits, traditional packaging of moon cake has become obsolete. Modern people prefer moon cakes with fresh taste, no additives, and environmentally friendly packaging.

Development for moon cake packaging

Moon cakes contain a lot of water, sugar and oil because of the ingredients used and the processing reasons. To ensure that moon cakes can be stored for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that activities of bacteria, microorganisms and yeast inside them are kept at a low level, and the sugars and oils contained in moon cakes do not decompose and deteriorate. According to research findings, when the water content of moon cakes is less than 20%, the microbial activity is low. At the same time, controlling the gas composition to prevent the activity of aerobic bacteria can greatly extend the shelf life of moon cakes. Therefore, it is particularly important to find a high-quality packaging.

As an advanced packaging system, thermoforming stretch packaging integrates high efficiency, safety, low cost and beautiful appearance. The effect of extending the shelf life can be achieved by using vacuum air-conditioning packaging.

thermoforming stretch packaging

Thermoforming stretch packaging is formed by stretching a plastic film, which can be customized in terms of shape, size, function, etc. according to requirements, and packaging design can be completed according to brand needs. For example, small packages of round, square or other shapes can be customized according to the shape of the moon cake. Through vacuum inflation, inert gas can be filled in the package to protect the moon cakes. A vacuum pump with high vacuum can greatly reduce the amount of residual oxygen in the package. Then seal the package pallet with the modified atmosphere. Finally, it is automatically cut into individual small packages, which is very efficient.

The cover film of the cover can be printed with patterns and characters to form a specific brand image. And optional inkjet printer to print production date and other information.The function of packaging thermoforming can help to reduce the cost of packing material and labor. And modified atmosphere can extend the food’s shelf life. The fully automated packaging process can be customized according to the output to complete the packaging volume of more than tens of thousands of packages per day.

thermoforming stretch packaging

As a brand-new packaging form, thermoforming packaging has been proven to be a very good form of packaging in e-commerce channels, which can greatly expand the scope of sales and channels. And it can form a big difference among similar products, so that more consumers can accept this kind of packaging through differentiated marketing.

The bottom line

If you need to buy a thermoforming packaging machine, please do not hesitate to contact us. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, We wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and family reunion.


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