How To Choose A Vacuum Packaging Machine, Chamber Or Vertical Type?

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The vacuum packaging machine is used to remove the air from the packaging and automatically seal it. Vacuum packaging is used in all aspects of our lives, and it became an indispensable part of this modern society. Vacuum sealing machines come in different models designed for a wide range of applications, especially industrial and food handling applications.

The major difference between these types is the absence/presence of a vacuum chamber unit. Vacuum sealers with chamber units use vacuum pumps which are more powerful compared to the vacuum channels used by non-chambered vacuum sealers. In these machines, the entire container is placed inside the sealer. In this article, we will tell you how a vacuum packaging machine work.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Working principle of vacuum packaging machine

The basic working part of the vacuum packaging machine is a sealed chamber from which all air is discharged. A pump uses rotating blades to remove air and heating strips to seal the vacuum bag inside the machine. There are different types of vacuum packaging machines, but the basic premise is the same. According to the power and size of the pump in the machine, the average time to complete the sealing cycle is about 20-45 seconds. The more air that needs to be expelled, the longer this process will take. By ensuring that as many vacuum bags as possible are placed on the hot-rolled strip without affecting the sealing process, the efficiency of the vacuum packaging process can be improved.

Chamber vacuum packing machines

First of all, you need to put the things into the chamber of the machine. When the chamber closes, the sealer sucks out all of the air inside it, and the air can be withdrawn from the chamber. Finally, heat-seal the bags once all air has evacuated the container.

Non-Chambered vacuum sealing machines

It is also known as external vacuum sealing machines because vacuum packaging machines used for sealing the bags or pouches are usually non-chambered. Non-chambered vacuum sealers are not ideal choices for liquid for the reason that some of the liquid may get sucked by the machine.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Chamber vacuum sealer vs non-chambered vacuum sealer

Simply put, the biggest difference between them is non-chambered vacuum sealers suck the air out of a bag, but a chamber-style vacuum sealer doesn’t. Unlike a regular vacuum sealer, a chamber vacuum sealer pumps all of the air (including air inside the bag) out of the chamber at once, giving your item a truly airtight seal. The sealing process ends with the machine heating the edges to fuse the bag and prevent air from coming inside. This makes it ideal for sealing liquids or other moist things, like fish, meats, soups or stews to name a few.

Professionals in the food industry and serious homeowners will find the chamber vacuum sealer significant in preserving ingredients. While chamber style sealers come with a larger price tag, you must consider the item an investment for all your packaging and storing needs. When food is not properly stored, it can affect the taste or even cause it to spoil. A chamber vacuum sealer can actually save money by preventing food spoilage.

Given the capacity to create airtight bags, the vacuum chamber machine functions slower compared to regular vacuum sealers. Finding the right chamber style sealer is critical to getting the best results. A high-end machine will provide flexibility to calibrate settings and to achieve the exact seal you need.

One of the advantages of using the product is scale. Restaurants and homeowners can seal larger amounts of food or ingredients inside a bag. Another benefit comes from customization. Machines have adjustable features that can match requirements or specifications. Overall, a chamber vacuum sealer is the source for people who are serious about food storage.


With so many options available, there is always a vacuum packaging machine for every style and budget. And now you have already known about the packaging process of the vacuum sealers, which can help you to find out the right automatic vacuum packing machine. If you still have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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