Features And Application Of Thermoforming Packaging Machine

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Currently, the most commonly used machine used by many industries for packaging their products is thermoforming packers. Due to the relative ease of operation and the perfect appearance of the products used for packaging, thermoforming stretch packaging machines have gradually become the first choice for many customers.


Utien as a leading thermoforming packaging machine manufacturer, has brought convenience to many consumers. Our machines have made the packaging of food and other products very seamless and super convenient.


The thermoforming stretch packaging machine is a machine that deep-draws thermoplastic sheet packaging materials under heating conditions to form packaging containers, and then seals them with films or sheets after filling with paint.


Features of thermoforming packaging machine:

1. The packaging has a wide range of applications. It can be used for the packaging of various types of food such as refrigeration, microwave heating, fresh food and fast food. It can meet the requirements of food storage and sales for packaging and high barrier properties, and can also achieve vacuum packaging and inflation package;


2. The container forming, boring filling and sealing can be completed in one machine, and the packaging production efficiency is high;


3. The size and shape of the container can be designed according to the packaging needs, especially suitable for packaging with irregular and boring shapes, transparent and visible, and beautiful in appearance;


4. The thin wall of the container in the thermoforming process can reduce the amount of material, and the container has a fixed effect on the interior goods, which can reduce the damage caused by the vibration and collision of the goods. The packing does not need additional cushioning materials.

 thermoforming packaging

Since the use of thermoforming methods to make packaging containers is easy to achieve multi-line parallel operation, the production cycle is much shorter than that of using a prepared packaging container for packaging.


At Utien Pack Co. Ltd., our thermoforming packaging machine has its own unique advantages. One of such advantages is that the automatic thermoforming stretch packaging machine soft film speed is up to 8 cycles/min. This is incredible speed, and it will definitely increase your production output and increase the overall productivity of your production equipment.

More so, the use range of thermoforming packaging machines is also very wide, and the various forms are also the reasons why many customers love it. The more commonly used methods are tray packaging, blister packaging, skin packaging and soft film packaging.


Application of thermoforming packaging machine:

Food: baked goods, condiments, pickles and stewed vegetables, casual snacks, convenient fast food

Medical: syringes, surgical gowns, tablets and other medicines and equipment

Fruits and vegetables: vegetables, fruits

Fresh: cold meat, steak, seafood, fish and other meat products


Cooperate with us for high-performance thermoforming packaging machines

Utien is a renowned brand in the design and manufacture of high-quality thermoforming packaging machines. We have different types of machines for different packaging methods, which will help your production facility to meet the needs of various classes of clients.


Trust us, we also provide a highly experienced after-sales service so that we can walk with you along the journey to a  better future.


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