Utien Thermoforming Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine Leads The Trend

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The increase in the speed of life has stimulated the development of packaged food products, as well as the convenience of food ingestion. Thermoform modified atmosphere packaging machiens have becomes the first choice for many food manufacturers who have a higher expectation in food taste and storage.


The so-called modified atmosphere packaging, popularly means using mixed gas to protect food, so as to achieve the effect of preservation. Traditional packaging and storage methods can only solve the problem of food quality preservation, but cannot fundamentally guarantee the freshness of food.


This kind of cooked food packaging method greatly expands the market for manufacturers. At the same time, it also satisfies many consumers who want to taste local specialty food thousands of miles away from home.


To achieve all these with your food products, try getting a thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine from a professional manufacturer.


Packing of fresh fish

Bacteria is the primary cause of deterioration for both marine fish and fresh aquatic products, and the gas mixed O2, N2, and CO2 in percentage can impede bacteria growth. The packaging of the fish is made by a thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine.


The material comprises a composite plastic film with high gas barrier properties, thereby making it preservable for about 4-6 days at -1oC – 2oC temperature range.


Packaging of livestock and poultry cold fresh meat

The main components of a modified atmosphere packaging of cold fresh meat are CO2 and O2. Its shelf life is generally between 5 – 8 days with a temperature range of -1oC – 2oC.


For the most part, poultry is fresh-keeping and antiseptic. The fresh-keeping gas is made up of N2 and CO2, while the temperature lies between -1oC – 2oC with a shelf life of 10 – 21 days.

 thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine

Cooked products and baked foods

Cakes with no cream are freshly held in reserve at room temperature for about 4 – 14 days. At room temperature, pudding cakes and mooncakes utilize high barrier composite film with a shelf life of about 60 – 90 days.


To successfully prevent the multiplication of coliform bacteria in bean products as well as in cooked meat products of poultry and livestock, ensure they are filled with N2 and CO2.


They can then be freshly held in reserve at a normal temperature of 20oC – 25oC for about 5 – 10 days. Or freshly held in reserve at -1oC – 3oC for about 7 – 21 days, after undergoing the modified atmosphere packaging method.


On the lookout for the best packaging method for your food products?

Getting the thermoforming modified atmosphere packaging machine is the perfect match for your search as it helps protect your food, preserve its freshness while also extending its preservation period. You can contact us on this product!


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