How Should The Food Packaging Machinery Industry Survive In 2021?

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Packaging food is a very important method of creating a barrier between food and its outside world. It helps ensure the safety and hygiene of food, facilitating its storage, transportation and distribution and extending its shelf life.


What you have to know is that the quality of packaged food depends on two very important factors:

1. Packaging equipment

2. Material


With the developments in science and technology, there has been a continuous development in the manufacturing of convenient and intelligent packaging equipment. These have also brought huge changes to the food packaging machinery industry.


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Some great recommendations for the survival of the food packaging machinery industry

· Improve the efficiency of equipment production

Everything is driven around by the fast-paced lifestyle, and this is definitely not exempting the food packaging industry. An important aspect of food processing and packaging enterprises care about is the production efficiency of the whole process. 


The biggest focus for research amongst food packaging machinery manufacturers these days are low-cost, high-efficiency, flexible, multi-purpose packaging material and equipment. 


As a manufacturing company with 26 years of experience, Utien Pack produces fully automatic thermoforming stretch packaging machines that meet the requirements of high production efficiency.


· packaging flexibility should be strengthened 

Flexibility for packaging machinery manufacturers is mainly manifested in: whether the production line is allowed to be within a certain size range, and whether the packaging items can be changed using the same equipment.


Due to the fact that the product life cycle is much shorter than the equipment service life, product packaging can be altered without the need to find a replacement for the expensive packaging line. Such packaging machinery is highly flexible.


For Utien Pack, many packing equipment are equipped with multiple mold sets that run concurrently. This is very useful in adapting to different packaging needs and in achieving a high degree of flexibility. 


Only a few years ago, the technology involved in automation only 30% of the packaging machinery design, but these days, it accounts for a whopping 50%. To increase the degree of automation in food packaging machinery, mechatronics control and large numbers of microcomputer designs are used. 


This has three main purposes:

1. To improve the equipment’s flexibility

2. To enhance production efficiency

3. To enhance the ability of the packaging machinery in completing complex tasks (like making use of robots in finishing the packaging process) 


As the industry competition keeps increasing worldwide, there must be pieces of corresponding equipment in the technical worldwide content of equipment in the food packaging industry, so as not to be left behind and to adapt quickly to the rapid changes. 


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