Personalized Customization Of Utien Thermoforming Stretch Packaging Machine

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When it comes to enhancing product packaging quality to suit customers’ needs, we have evolved to a high level in the industry. We are a leading brand in the manufacture of thermoforming stretch packaging machines. We have worked hard to ensure that we can deliver impressive packaging for all our clients.


We provide a high level of innovation when it comes packaging of products. So far, we have personalized the customization of thermoforming stretch packaging machine. This is to enhance the physical appeal of products for our clients.


At Utien Pack Co., Ltd., our thermoforming stretch packaging machine is designed to work at an advanced level that matches international packaging method. This machine is acceptable for plastic film stretch forming.


With the advancement of packaging machine design, we can design packaging trays with different shapes, thicknesses and functions.  This is in line with what our customers need.


Some of the popular shapes in which our customized packaging trays come include; ellipse, circle, polygon, rectangular as well as irregular shape. Also, in order to make each packaging material unique to our customers’ brand, we do also engrave our customers’ logo or brand identity at the bottom of the customized packaging material.


In addition, which is just the tip of the iceberg, here are other examples that illustrate how we personalize our customized thermoforming stretch packaging machine.


1. Packaging material for food and other daily needs

Based on the shape of each product, we can customize our packaging tray to fit such product. These materials also come with hook holes usually around the upper part of the packaging material for ease of hanging the product on shelf or for display.


One outstanding feature about these materials is the fact that they can’t deform due to the high degree of extrusion on them

 customized thermoforming stretch packaging machine

2. Skin-friendly packaging of cold meat

This packaging is designed in such a way that the bottom is shallow to keep fresh meat product cold and fresh. The bottom of the packaging tray is designed with granular depressions. This is to increase the beauty of the packaging and to ensure that the products in it are fixed in place.


Finally, to make product branding very easy, the blank area is made flat so that brand stickers can easily be placed on them.


3. Make regionally separated trays as needed

With this type of method, packaging things such as fast food, convenience food, and even different types of fruits is very easy. This, also makes each group of products stay within each compartment of the thermoforming packaging material.


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Utien is always working hard to ensure that we customize our packaging machines to suit your needs. In case you need a handy and flexible packaging machine like the ones illustrated above, kindly contact us for the best deal. 


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