We Are Celebrating Christmas With All Our Cherished Customers And Hardworking Staff

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2020 is an extraordinary year. We have witnessed many major events in the thermoforming packaging machine industry. The occurrence of these incidents strengthened our determination to provide better services to our customers.


Although some innovative changes have taken place in the entire industry this year, for everyone in this industry, this year is also facing huge challenges. In the next few years, we still have to be prepared to meet new challenge.


Precisely speaking was the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the whole world, as well as slowing business transactions drastically. Just like other companies in the industry, we were also affected by the ill-effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are fortunate that our overall situation has been eased, and more and more customers are cooperating with us.


Utien has a group of customers who have been supporting us. It’s their contious supports and trust and help our company grow stronger.


Also, thumb up for our workers. They’re our partners more than staff. We strive hard to overcome numerous difficulties together. Their high commitment towards work is really commendable.

 Merry Christmas

Even when most of our working schedules weren’t convenient, our staff were all committed and resilient to ensure that we give our clients nothing but the best. For this reason, the company deemed it fit that all our workers and loyal customers should be celebrated in a special way in this festive period of Christmas.


And as a way of showing our love and appreciation towards them, the company made provisions for various gifts items, which were shared across members of our staff and our esteemed customers. Starting from the subtleties and starting from humanistic care, it brings festival warmth to each employee.


Christmas should be a time of celebration, with the aroma of flowers and wine, good conversation, and good memories. May your Christmas be full of special moments, warmth, peace and happiness, the joy of people covered in snow, and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy year.


It is the power of love that brings every member of Utien Pack together to work hard and make unremitting efforts for Utien Pack. Utien Pack Co.,Ltd.  is one of the professional packaging machinery manufacturers with collecting research, development and manufacturing.


Kindly contact us, and let’s be your dependable partner for all your packaging demand.


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