Guide To How Thermoforming Packaging Machine Work?

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There are different stages that thermoforming packaging machine passes through to create a perfect output. The stages cut across package forming, sealing, cutting to the desired output.

There is high automation at different stages to make the work easy. Automation provides high efficiency, reduction of labor costs, easy operation, and a high hygienic level of production.

Meanwhile, it is essential to purchase a quality thermoforming packaging machine from a reliable manufacturer.

 thermoforming packaging machine

Working Principles of Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Thermoforming packaging machine uses preheating and softening features of plastic materials with tensile properties to vacuum or blow the packaging particle to form the needed container. The shape of the container forms according to the design of the mold.

After the forming of the container, the products are then inserted for the sealing process. There is automatic collection of excess products after cutting and forming to avoid waste. The primary parts of the machine are:

The Heating And Forming Part

The process starts with the heating of the bottom film to a temperature that will soften as well as mold the film. At this point, the film is set for quick forming. It is essential to note that the molding method depends on the type of technology by the manufacturer, the nature of the film, and the level of the forming vessel.

The common forming methods are:

· Compressed air method

· Vacuum method

· Addition of stretching device based on a & b above

 thermoforming packaging machine

1. Compressed Air Method

The compressed air is a positive pressure forming principle. There is an addition of compressed air that comes from the heating chamber above. There is a high technical need for this method. The method is ideal for the formation of deeper containers and the stretching of thicker films.


2. Vacuum Method

The vacuum method is a negative pressure forming method. The packaging container is formed by attaching the film to the vacuum from the bottom of the mold. The method is ideal for the formation of shallow containers and the stretching of thinner films.


3. Addition of Stretching Device

The primary working principle of this method is the formation of air pressure on both sides of the sheet. The sheet is pulled down to the bottom of the mold under the influence of differential pressure.

For molds that are difficult to form large containers or stretch well, there is a need for the addition of a stretching device to aid its formation. There is a higher technical need for producers in this forming method. 

thermoforming packaging machine

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