Which Food Package Interests You Most?

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Food packaging is one of the most important aspects of the food industry, yet it is one that consumers often overlook. Food industry professionals, however, are always looking for ways to make their product packing more efficient.

For all categories of food, packaging machines are usually the best way to get the job done. Of course, different types of food require different types of packaging. Obviously, the best packaging for meat is certainly not the best packaging for cookies!

Distributors are tasked with the difficult job of both extending shelf life and guaranteeing food safety. And these goals are largely accomplished by packaging.

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Form Fill Seal Machines

To understand these pieces of equipment, all you need to do is break down the name. First, they create the pouches on their own, or form them. The pouches they create can be flat or stand up and are made using a film roll stock. That means that you are able to save money by not having to purchase premade pouches for your product, up to 30% of the total cost.

There are a number of different variations for form fill seals, but the most common difference is between horizontal and vertical. Typically the horizontal variety is able to create and fill more quickly, whereas the vertical offers more options for the time of pouch.


Premade Pouch Filling Machines

This option allows you to take premade pouches and fill them. Some machines have the capacity to fill up to 120 pouches per minute. This is especially useful if your product uses custom shapes or doypack styles — pouches that cannot be generated in a form fill seal machine.

These also save you the hassle of having to dispose of scraps and other byproducts created in the process of making the fill pouch.


Tube Filling Machines

Tube packaging is used for liquid and cream products, like toothpaste. These machines can often fill and seal dozens of tubes per minute. If choosing one, remember that you should be able to choose whatever tube you prefer, be it plastic, aluminum, or laminate.


Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum packaging machines create an airtight seal, which allows food to be preserved for 3-5 times longer than if it was stored in plastic bags or other containers. Typically, manufacturers use clear film as a way to allow the customer to see what they are purchasing and consuming. Additionally, this seal means that the food inside is temperature controlled, resulting in less waste. 

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Packaging is an often overlooked element of food production, but it is incredibly important. Do you know that for each pound of plastic packaging, food waste is reduced by up to 1.7 pounds? It is therefore important that you take the time to consider what technology is right for your operation.


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