Tray Sealers 101: Major Components and Advantages

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When you have done a good job at getting the best dimension for your products, making adjustment on the seal or lid of your product may be the final thing you need to do to position your business for a massive success.

For this reason, a lot of brands now choose the lidding seal, which is one of the product of tray sealers, and which without a doubt seems to be the best way to seal products. This is because of the inherent and simultaneous advantages that comes with this method of sealing products.

Lidding film produced using tray sealers have a couple of advantages over other types of product closure out there.

Without much ado, let’s take a quick look at the basic components of tray sealers as well as their advantages, which makes these pieces of equipment an enhance sealing option for products of different types.

Tray Sealers 

Major components of Tray Sealers


The trays are among the most obvious components in tray sealers. Trays in this machine can be made from various materials including plastic materials such as CPET, PP, APET as well as PE.

Interestingly, these materials above offer various advantages ranging from transparency – for ease of assessing the product to being microwavable so that users can comfortably warm their products when the need arises.


Films used for the sealing process is another integral components of tray sealers. Films in this case are often laminated  materials such as PET, PT, or PE.

With such lidding technology using the films, the films can provide some advantages such as anti-fog properties, resealability and barrier from external materials to the product.

Electrical Machines

The equipment actually involved in the sealing process – tray sealers can either be automatic or semi-automatic, and each of this type of machine differ markedly in their mode of operation and tray loading prior to sealing.

Also, the machines here are designed in such a way that they give a perfect cut whether or not your film has been printed with the company’s name or not.

 tray sealer

Advantages of Tray Lidding/or Sealing

Brand Promotion/Awareness

Sure, buyers are captured by what they see, and this is exactly one of the advantage of the tray lidding method of product packaging since is helps buyers to see what they are buying even before they open it.

With this, customers can quickly and easily tell the difference between products from different brands. Sure, this is a good way of promoting your brand and keeping it constantly in the minds of your buyers.


Just like other lidding or sealing technology, the tray lidding machine provides a good means of protecting products from unauthorized access adulteration from intruders.

With this, the tamper evident properties of the lid sealing can help buyers to quickly know and tell if a product has been tampered upon making the purchase.

Moreover, this method of sealing also provide a good protection to fragile and perishable products that may be prone to a change in quality or taste when not properly covered.

Preserve Shelf Life of Products

Another top property of lid sealing is that it protects products, especially food products from contamination. By so doing, extending and preserving their shelf life until the set time.

With such a controlled environment that prevents unnecessary exchange of gases between the product and the environment, it then becomes a very good way of preserving the chemistry of any product without the fear of it getting bad suddenly.

tray sealers

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