What Can Roll Stock Packaging Do For You

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As marketplaces and industries around the world move toward more conscientious use of materials in the manufacturing of products, it is high time for any business to switch over to more flexible packaging solutions, and one of the best flexible packaging options available to you on the current market is Roll Stock packaging. If this is something you are not too familiar with, read on to find out about the wonders of Roll Stock.

 roll stock packaging machine

Cereal Packaging

Roll stock is very commonly used in packaging many kinds of food items, but it especially comes in handy when packaging those foodstuffs that are more loosely structured in nature such as cereals, chips, pet food, etc. Roll stock makes it very convenient to store these foodstuffs and keep them fresh for a longer period of time. 

Cheese Packaging

In addition to many dairy producers using roll stock to wrap up pallets of milk crates, the plastic wrap is also used by these to producers to package cheese. As cheese is a perishable item with quite a short shelf life, it is very important for suppliers of cheese to make sure that the cheese stays fresh. Moreover, once you have bought the cheese and brought it home, you can continue using the film to reseal the leftover cheese and keep it in your refrigerator to keep it fresh and tasting right for longer.


Sauce Packaging

As with other foodstuffs that threaten spillage or leakage if not handled properly with great care, sauces need to be packaged correctly so that they can be transported without spilling. No customer would want a packet of sauce that leaked in their paper bag and soiled the rest of their order. That is why many restaurants and grocery stores benefit from the use of roll stock to package their sauces. 


Meat Packaging

Whenever you are purchasing a piece of fresh meat from a grocery store, the clear film that it comes wrapped in is roll stock. The reason why roll stock is used is because of its sturdiness and impermeability, it is a great way to protect the meat from contamination outside.


Soup Packaging

Since soup contains very little additives and is mainly comprised of very organic materials, its shelf life is also quite low. When sealed with roll stock wraps, the perishability of the soups’ ingredients is drastically lowered and the products can stay fresh for a much longer period of time.

Commercial or Wholesale Packaging

If you have had the opportunity to take a look at any supplier’s or wholesaler’s storerooms or warehouses, such as a grocery store or supermarket chain, it’s very likely that you have seen the large, plastic wrap roll stock packaging. Because it’s more convenient to wrap up whole of product in the backroom before moving it from location A to B to avoid wreckage or risking spills. 

 roll stock packaging

Utien Roll Stock Packaging Machines

Thermoforming packaging machine, also known as rollstock packaging machine or roll stock machine, is capable to do the whole process from package forming, sealing, cutting to final output. With high automation, it's not only helpful to reduce labor cost, but also popular for its easy operation, great efficiency and high-level hygiene.

As the leading manufacturer of thermoforming packing machines, Utien provides a wide range of high quality fully automatic Thermoformer with standard features to meet customer individual requirements. For more information about our machines, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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