Maintenance Tips And Why the Choice of Tray Lidding Machine By Most Manufacturers

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The tray lidding machine operates and works as both vacuum and sealing. The intelligent temperature controller and a sealing function are the adopted features of this machine.

The manner in which pneumatic parts are used makes the mechanical structure more simple and the breakdown decrease. The execution of the machine is highly secure and stable.

The machine is up to standard for the usage of roll aluminium film and plastic film. To a great degree it is commonly used in milk, beverage and food industries.

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Maintenance Tips for Tray Lidding Machines

  • An inspection should be carried out on the air source pressure prior to the time of running.

  • For effective operation of the cylinder, you must make sure the compressed air is dry.

  • Frequently apply oil to the drive cylinder so as to avoid the breakdown of spare parts which in turn prolongs the life of the machine.

  • On room temperature allow the part of heating to cool down the moment the work is done. Use hot water to tidy the sealing part and drain the water afterwards. Also tidy the aluminum board so as to keep it from aging and corrosion.

  • Inspect the cleanliness of the sealing rings so that the sealing effect will be flawless.

  • The connection of the earth wire of the machine should be done correctly to ensure a safe use.

  • The sealing temperature should be adjusted from low to high so as to make sure you have a more even sealing temperature and the effectiveness of the sealing to be better.

  • Halt the machine the moment you discover a breakdown has occurred. At this point the entire machine will be in reset state. Stop the flow of power and inspect the breakdowns.

Why Tray Lidding Machine is used in Many Manufacturing Company

Just as you would expect, every manufacturer wants to showcase their products to the eyes of their potential clients and customers.

For this reason, a lot of manufacturing company chose a tray sealer as the perfect piece of equipment for wrapping and packaging their products.

They do this for the following reasons.

  • Transparent sealing using the tray lidding machine is a good way to give customers a clue of the type and quality of product they are purchasing.

  • With the transparent sealing using a tray sealing machine, manufacturers can keep track of any changes in the quality of their product over time, especially when left on the shelf for a long time.

  • Transparent sealing using the tray lidding machine is a cost effective means of packaging material compared to other types of packaging methods.

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