How Do Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machines Work

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Vacuum packaging has become an important and popular packaging method. Among the packaging machines, double chamber vacuum sealers are more favorable.


Since many food processing factories have gained the knowledge and the advantages of vacuum machines, it has been in high demand.


This article will look at how chamber vacuum sealing machines works. This takes steps and each step will be explained and proper instructions will be given.


How Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machines Work

v You will first turn on the power by pinning the power picker switch as instructed in the manual.

v Then you will need to put the plastic bag which has the product inside the vacuum chamber, put the plastic bag on the heat.

 Vacuum Machine

v Then tap the lid and the vacuum indicator which is on the panel lights as shown in the manual. At this stage the vacuum pump beings to pump. The lid will be sucked automatically. Then the knob can be adjusted based on the packaging requirements.


When it is adjusting, the scale will be from low to high, the amplitude is then small.


v When it reaches the set time, the pump will stop working.


v You can also adjust the heating time on the panel, to fitting packaging bags of different thickness.


However, vacuum machines automatically turn on the atmosphere by the solenoid valve until the lid is raised automatically. Then the vacuum packaging process has come to an end.


Also, once the vacuum bag is removed out of the inner air, the bag is fundamentally fixed to the package, then the inner volume ratio will become small and this saves the packaging space.

 vacuum packaging machine

You can easily set the vacuum, sealing and cooling time through the control panel. The bag lock on the sealing strip gasket reduces bag movement during busy production cycles.


Utien’s double chamber vacuum packaging machine is very suitable for small and medium batch processors who need to pack large products such as meat, sauce, seasoning, dried fruit and bean products. This is also a solution for large catering companies and hotels that need to pack large amounts of food for events.


Do you need chamber vacuum sealing machines?

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Packaging food has taken a new dimension and this is what is used to attract customers. Contact us today to purchase vacuum machines and your business will experience a turnaround.


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